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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Tombuc, May 16, 2019.

  1. Tombuc

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    I've made good money in Rock, provided a few cubic yards to a few customers, the problem is it's to infrequent. Some cleanups have been profitable as some I have underbid. What do you feel I should concentrate on to make the most profit and activity. I live in Tampa and looking for direction.
  2. Andrew H

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    Any niche can be profitable, just need to put some hard work into it.
    It’ll depend on your area too, snowplowing probably wouldn’t be good for you...
    weekly maintenance is nice because it’s steady cash flow even when people aren’t getting landscape
    Work done like when they’re on vacation.
    Landscaping is another good option, but you need to be able imagine what the customer wants or needs.

    Irrigation, again can be profitable like the others. If it gets cold you’re going to be winterizing in the fall and starting up in the spring.
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  3. brichter14

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    We’re doing a ton of fences. For some reason nobody in my area will build a fence.
  4. jonthepain

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    Irrigation is a tough license to get here in NC. A specific number of hours are needed working under a licensed company to be able to sit for the exam. I think it's a year and a half or two years.

    I don't know what the requirements are in the OP's state, but it's a great license to have.
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  5. BigJlittleC

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    Gardening work has low overhead and great margins. Squirt and fert has a higher overhead then gardening but has just as good margins. Installs will bring in nice money too. As a solo I love my little half day/ full day installs. Breaks up the week from maintenance and let's me be a little creative. Nice money makers too.
  6. Ben Bowen

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    Most profitable niches for us: landscape design (plans only), landscape lighting, irrigation, artificial turf, pavers.
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  7. OP

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  8. OP

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    We have done a few fences, vinyl is real popular now, we are slow at putting them up and we can make more money doing other things. I’ve tried to sub it out but I don’t speak Spanish.
  9. Doc8406

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    Not being critical here.. but they need to learn English.. any person whom is with reasonable knowledge knows that the language of the successful is English
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  10. Cam15

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    I look at it this way, you live in America you speak English. If we moved to Mexico we'd learn Spanish.
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