Most rediculous customer request or complaint?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowin4cash, Jul 27, 2000.

  1. Keith

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    My dad had an Indian (not the American type) ask if he could just borrow our equipment. He said no problem, just give me the keys to your convenience store. Goofball.<p>Had a &quot;burnout&quot;, who was shacked of with one of our regular customers, come out and say this: (read in stoner voice) &quot;Hey dude. I think you sprayed my pot plant with that weed killer stuff. I planted a new one, let me show you where it's at.&quot; :)<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Keith
  2. jaclawn

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    More:<br>Watch my kids while I run to the store.<br>Hook your truck to that stump and &quot;pull 'er out&quot;<br>Burn that pile of rubbish in the back yard.<br>Dump my lawn debris in the woods that is not my property.<br>Cut my lawn every week during the worst drought in 60 years. (Non irrigated)<br>Cut my lawn for free one time, and I'll make you a copy of a software program.<br>Don't trim, I like the ragged look.<br>Get my mail.<br>Give me a price quote over the phone, without ever seeing my lawn. I love these, I then ask what they do for a living, and ask for a price on whatever they do. Or, if they say &quot;give me a ballpark&quot; I reply &quot; Wrigley field&quot;.<br>Bill this work at my house to my company address.<br>My lawn only needs cut every three weeks.<br>Don't cut my lawn today, ChemLawn was here three days ago.<br>Only cut the back yard every other time, no one can see back there anyway.<br>Don't put your snowplow all the way down, I don't want my pavement scraped.<br>Biggest lie ever told- We pay our bills the day we recieve them.<br>And, the number one Most rediculous customer request or complaint:<br>Clean my gutters!!! <p>Just kidding on the last one guys, no flames please.
  3. Stinger

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    Amen to that!
  4. Bassman

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    Had a Jamaican lady tell me her most important things in life were GOD and her lawn. Wanted hers cut for $18 every 10 days cause she's on a fixed income. I'm just 3 weeks new full timer and not wanting to turn any work away took the job. She raced around the house looking at every minute I was mowing. Waved her arms and had me shut down my mower at least half a dozen times to point out things she wanted done just so. I spent an hour at what should have been a 20 minute job. I was so angry that I almost had a stroke as I was late for a job that payed me $150 for 3 hours work. Told her she just received $40 worth of work for $18, she said, &quot;Now you don't need to talk to me that way&quot;. When I was leaving a neighbor approached and warned that she is not right in the head and goes through lawn service guys like sh*t thru a goose. Needless to say, I won't be doing her lawn again.<br>Bassman
  5. yardsmith

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    Just remembered another one-<br>Had a new customer this spring that looked like her beehive got a liitle too close to the gas stove (chemo treatment look).<br>Came for the orig. bid, & she told us &quot;I never walk on my grass, only to mow it. I spose I can walk around to look at it with you for the estimate&quot; I'm already thinking<br>'psycho!'. My 4 yr. old son scooped a pc. of thatch in his hand, & &quot;OHH HONEY DON&quot;T TOUCH THAT, PUT THAT BACK! I told her it was thatch & she denied having ANY thatch in her lawn-yeah right there was about 20% of the yard was thatch. Anyways, we come out & it just quit raining. Had to explain would be too long by next week, so we would mow it & clean up any clippings. Needless to say she rubbernecked the whole time we were there. I should've packed up & left halfway thru just to torque her off. Then pissed & moaned 'I don't want any clippings in my flower beds, blah blah blah.' Needless to say that was the 1st & last time we did that nut case.<br>Oh yeah, also forgot the whole time we were there for the bid, she was farting out loud right in front of us. Multiple times. <br>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: yardsmith
  6. mykee

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    While I have had y share of nuts I thought I would pass along a couple of good customer stories. 1. I finish cutting first time for a little old lady who had a man friend doing the work up till me who was 90 and she was afraid he was going to stroke out. She brought me my check along with 3 old (but fairly current) Newsweek magazines along with a couple other magazines and for a topper a piece of fresh iced angel food cake wrapped up in tin foil. 2. on a particullarily shitty hedge and brush trimming job including poison ivy on a day around 90 degrees wearing long sleeve shirt etc to prevent the poison ivy when done she asks what did we agree to for today and I reminded her it was $75 she looks at me sweating my a-- off and says I dont think you knew quite what you were getting into so I'll just give you $100. cant beat that with a stick.........
  7. Toddppm

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    This is a recent one , try to forget the rest. Went to look at a tree removal other day, large oak close to the house, bottom of hill in back yard. Haul everything. Took a walk around the tree then looked at the ways to get up the hill, told him $1300. (He's carrying notes)Him: Well i have it figured at $559, 3 guys at $8/hr, accounting for ins,Blah, Blah, Blah.. I said good luck, see you later.
  8. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Most rediculous request was &quot;can you cut my bushes half off the top and half off the back. As for a complaint I gave a customer a spec sheet with prices details of service and dead line. I did a high grass cut and spring clean up. Told her the price for both again she said I forget I think I left the paper in the house. Needless to say when she got that bill she called me up asking &quot;what kind of business are you ruinning? I'm not paying!!! You didn't do this and you didn't do that. I'm not a rich person!!! I went to her house with the spec sheet and she even showed me hers and the bill. She showed herself who the $#%@#$ was. Everything is always spelled out it has to be!!! ;)<br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance &quot;Where quality and reliable service counts&quot;
  9. jaclawn

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    Tell me what kind of chemicals you would put on this lawn so that I can buy them and put them on myself. I can't remember if it was urea or Glyhposate.
  10. lawndog

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    Had this gal tell me how wonderful I was taking care
    of the place but I wasn't mowing short enough.I calmly
    inform her that i was mowing as short as I could with all
    the swells and dips in the lawn.Then she asks if i could
    keep it green without it growing,and this gal is a lawyer.

    Then there is the drunk guy who never remembers my name
    (but does pay his bill on time) even though he talks to
    me each time I'm there,and thinks I know about everything
    because he wants to know what I think about, yada......

    NO I DO NOT CLEAN OUT GUTTERS.I'm a landscaper not a maid.

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