Most rediculous customer request or complaint?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowin4cash, Jul 27, 2000.

  1. Bassman

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    This may be my shortest post ever. Ditto Eslawns.
  2. bobbygedd

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    i did a small installation for a customer the other day, he sneaked away without paying for it, i called and explained that this is not included in his monthly fee, the payment is due now. he left me the money in the gas grill, along with a note: u must remove the 2 dead trees in my yard, and patch the bare spots with top siol and seed for this money. but there was no extra, u guys have this problem? this guy seems to think if im cutting his lawn, im his slave
  3. Robert Pruitt

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    Have an elderly couple with two dogs wanting me to do the back on thu. front on fri. dogs are getting green feet after having bath on fri. morn. just had to tell them to change the bath day, because i'm not changeing mowing day...LOL.
  4. Mike (MLC)

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    I had this one client that was fine and dandy at first, then started to get a little weird on me. Apparently after the winter months, she started having money problems. I had been cutting her yard every 10 days. She decided that she wanted it done every 2weeks, because of her money situation. I agreed to it. I was cutting her every other Tues. Which, according to my books is every 2wks. When I showed up at her house, to cut it she complained that I was a day early. I was confused because it was Tues. Time to mow. We went round and round what 2weeks was. Her 2 weeks consisted of every 15 days. I tried to explain, the every other Tues thing, but she just though I was nuts. I know she was trying to save money, but one day wasn't going to save her anymore money. It would still somehow be twice a month. Also every 15 days would have screwed up my schedule. Wouldn't know what day she would fall on. One time Tues, next time maybe Fri. Don't have time for that. I told her that if she was going to keep arguing over one day, then maybe she didn't need a lawn service anymore. She backed down then. But, then called a week later and canceled service. Didn't bother me none. She was started to complain way too much on things. Think she was mixing to many meds together.
  5. Fine Lines Lawn

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    Mike, it seems there is never enough Prozac to go around. Perhaps we should all carry a bottle in our trucks to distribute to some of our clients.
  6. summitgroundskeeping

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    Like 2 years ago during the summer I was finishing my route as fast as possible because there was a storm rolling in.
    After I get all my stuff put away and I am sitting down eating dinner, I get a phone call. It's one of my clients yelling at me, because I hit 1 stick about 4' long and it got choped into 3 piences and a plastic bag blew into her lawn.
    There was a tornado watch in my county for my area during this phone call.
    She wanted me to come & remove the debris in her lawn right then. Lets say I didn't renew her contract the next year.
  7. Skookum

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    PROZAC, ZOLOFT, WELLBUTRIN, EFFEXOR, any of these could be reasons for some of these wierd behaviors and requests. My wife took these all, plus more for a two year period. They all made her act like a nut on different issues and things. It was real craziness at times. The only good one was the Wellbutrin, INCREASED SEX DRIVE like you would not believe!

    I just took on a yard three weeks ago. It was eight to 12 inches tall. I mowed it and had to even rake alittle. The lady of the house, told me it looked the best it ever had! Next week she commented again on how great it looked. One week later right after the thrid cut, I get a cell phone call from the man of the house who hired me. He explained that the lady of the house called him at work just a screaming that I mowed the lawn too short. He did not have to say too much more, I could tell by his tone that she was on the meds.
  8. OP

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    Got any of that Wellbutrin left. I'll pay good money! :blob3:
  9. Premo Services

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    a few years ago I picked up a new customer on a referral and the day that I set to cut the lawn was thurs. I get a page and it is customers wife asking me to come on saturday because the husband cut the grass on wed,I thought no way n sat. and told her I would be there on monday. I get there on monday and the grass has been mowed that morn. I called them and said we really need to find a day so I can cut the lawn, if they even want me to cut it. We decided on thursday,which was 3 days away and guess what he had cut it before I got there.I knocked on the door and tried to settle this misunderstanding .He said he was sorry and I could cut it on friday, i came there expecting to see it cut but to my suprise he actualy let it grow for 4 days. I did the first cut and we talked how much better my stripes looked than his circles, and we agreed that I would do it on thursday. i came there expecting to cut it on thurs.,but guess what he had cut it on wed, just couldn`t wait for me to come and cut it. I was freaking out,knocked on hs door and he said he couldn`t wait but asked if I could cut it anyway because my straight lines looked better than his circles from the crapsman. I said I would cut and make the lines but the chargewould be what we agreed on. From that day on he has let me do the cutting.The first year I took this business it got dry as he!! in july and all the lawns burnt so I didn`t cut the lawn, well this customer calls and asked if i could come on sat and cut it because they liked to see the stripes. I had to cut it on sat. A few weeks later I decided not to do the cut on friday because it had not grown, it was still brown and they paged me on sat morn and asked if i could come and cut it . This was the last sat cut i was going to do, so I decided to cut the grass,dirt when I came on fridays, that was 6 years ago still cut every week and they are soo happy, so am I because we all know how much quicker you can cut stripes in grass that is not growing.
  10. swn

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    Mow money, sounds like that is a good problem! It seems as though everytime I turn around someone is wanting me to mow every 10 days, 12 days, or 2 weeks.
    I had a customer tell me the other day that their nephew, who is out of college for the summer, was going to start mowing. This was the third year I would be mowing for them. When I started their lawn was not in very good shape and now I (and they) think it looks great. Anyway, they told me this and then said that I could start back when he goes back to school in August. The sad thing is I will probably start doing mowing it then. I think I will sit by the phone Aug. 1 and wait their until they call.

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