most successfull specials or ads


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Starting to work on a direct mail campaign for the new year. What specials or ads have you had the most success picking up new clients? Looking for things that can get you on the property and allow your salesmanship to close the deal.
Look on the next page in this Biz forum and you can see my Direct Mail posting. Giving away a free lawn service or fertilization after your first month of weekly service works well. But don't forget to include the fine print about the "after your first month of weekly service" or you be worn out by cheapskates. If you do a percentage of landscaping attach a dollar figure to it that people will identify with better.

10% doesn't do much for most people but when you put $500 in the add showing the maximum discount of a $10,000 job it does the trick.

My next mailer is going to be more lawn service oriented and I will have a picture of it posted soon. Most people forget to even use the free lawn service discount.