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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Perfect touch landscapes, Dec 31, 2009.

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    whatever she(hot milf customer) wants to pay me to do!
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    well i find it funny that on the forums some find that just because you offer other services you are un dad happens to be a very skilled carpenter and it has made us i guess if a client i mow for wants me to build a deck i should tell them i cant cuz its un professional...

    but anyway i advertise myself as property maintenance and home improvement...
    besides lawncare/landscaping/hardscaping/snowremoval/powerwashing i offer handyman/repair/painting/ well as hauling/cleanup/clean outs of all kinds...i love mowing the most...but as of now i cant make all my money with mowing, so we have to use our other talents.
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    Well, I look after houses when owners go to Florida for the winter. Been doing it for the near part of 15 years. It involves light general cleaning, running the water taps once a month in winter, checking furnace, filling water softener, etc. Most are elderly clients, and I've only ever looked after four houses in any given year. Generally it's only 1-2. For two years (not consecutively) I didn't have any to look after.

    I loved it in college, since I could go to any one house and study in a relative quiet atmosphere. It also makes for GREAT references as far as being bondable goes. One house in particular was on Hidden Valley Dr here in Kitchener; $2.1mil value! Another client owned a BMW, newer Town Car and a EuroVan. He took the Eurovan down south, and asked if it would be much trouble to drive his other vehicles a hundred clicks or soa month to keep the fluids flowing. I didn't say no. Not bad for something that started from my old paper route.
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    now that is a great extra service , and get to drive the cars. nice, and all because they trust you. it pays to be at tustworthy type o guy
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    I hear you on the MILF situation lol. I have this one milf (my favorite customer :laugh:) and everytime I finish cutting the grass she will come to the door in a low cut tank top showing off her, how can I word this, "after market products" which are a beautiful sight to see might I add.

    She will almost always invite me in for some lemonade, water, etc. and come up with some random thing she needs help with (anything from changing a light bulb to helping her lift things). She'll always insist on giving me an extra $10-$20, but I will always tell her it is not a problem.

    Towards the end of the season last year, when she invited me in for a drink, next thing I knew she insisted I stay for dinner and before I knew it had a plate of chicken, vegetables, and rolls in front of me.

    I've learned to make her one of the last stops on the route :cool2:.
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    I delivered both papers and flyers depending on the day back in the mid 90's. It started with an old man walking up to me as I was delivering, he handed me the flyers back and said "I don't need this junk" then he paused for a minute (looked very grumpy I might add), and then asked "Do you do other work?" and that's really how I got started with that. At times I really did feel like a janitor with all the keys I carried around. I had about 12 for my service station at the time, plus 8-10 for various houses/gates/sheds, 7 for my part time job at the time (odd jobs on coaches, detailing, basic maintenance, etc). Plus various vehicle keys. All told I could essentially unlock 16mil of vehicles and property.

    A lot of times one couple will refer me to another, and in a few years that first couple will move into an old age home for the additional care, which is why I only look after a couple homes a year during the winter. it's great for getting extra cash under the table. I charge by the visit and how long I'm there, no monthly fee this.
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    I guess you just fit in with everyone else on there!!!

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    Don't knock it man, it brings in good money. My most popular model is the 6" X 36", $5.00 plus shipping costs!:laugh::laugh:
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