Most useable size auger bits?

Green Pastures

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Getting the Caterpillar A-19 Auger work tool for the 257B finally.

I know I need the 36" bit for trees but I've never actually measured the pot's I normally plant from to find out what other size bits I need to buy. I guess I mostly put in plants from 3 gallon pot's.....

What sizes do you have and use alot or recommend?


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Northern Va
I have a 12", 18", 24" and the 36". I use mine for planting as well as other tasks. Once some of your customers find out you have an auger, they will use you for other jobs besides planting. This past week I used the 18" to drill holes for a pole barn. I also drill holes for decks, fence, etc.

Green Pastures

Green Pastures

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I have the 18", 24" and the 36" on my list to buy so far, didn't think about the 12" as well.....

Gilla Gorilla

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For my Toro Dingo I got the 12", 18" and 30". I did not know at the time they made a 36" bit or I would have bought it instead of the 30". I use the 18" and 30" bits for planting. Rarely do I use the 12" bit for planting unless there is a lot of 1 gallons to plant, even then it is quicker to use my 1 man auger with a 8" bit for the 1 gallon pots.

Dont forget about the need for a 9" bit. You will most likely have a need for it one day if you start to sub out holes for deck and fence contractors. I just rent the 9" bit as needed from a local rental place for $7.15 per day so I cannot see the need to spend $325 for the 9" bit at this time.

I drilled out 250 9" holes two weeks ago for a customer having a pasture fenced in. If I would have know that she needed then completely cleaned out then I would have taken my guy with me to come behind me with the post hole digger to clean them out we might have been able to get them done in about 10 hours. Instead it was a two day job. But you live and you learn some times.

Dirty Water

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Remember that if your using an auger for planting in heavy clay soil you will want to rough up the edges of the hole with a shovel before you plant. Otherwise it won't drain and it will restrict the roots.