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Most Versatile Diamond Blade For Concrete And Asphalt Cutting

Discussion in 'Discount Contractor Warehouse' started by Diamond King Tools, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Diamond King Tools

    Diamond King Tools Sponsor
    Messages: 73

    For most contractors, diamond blade versatility is a key factor in determining which blade is best for the job. Not all blades are created equal. In most cases, diamond blades are specialized for the material being cut. So in other words, concrete blades should cut concrete, asphalt blades should cut asphalt etc. There are however, diamond blades that are developed specifically to cut many different materials and are extremely versatile.
    The most important element a diamond blade needs to be versatile and be able to cut a multitude of surfaces, is its bond. The bond of a diamond blade is basically how the segments are attached to the steel core. The bond type basically determines if the blade is better suited to cut hard materials such as concrete, brick, block stone… or if it is better suited to cut softer materials such as asphalt.

    The Hurricane diamond blade is the most versatile blade we carry. It is soft bonded which allows it to cut concrete and asphalt equally as effective. It has turbo segments, which boosts the speed of its cutting and also has cooling holes which makes the blade last longer.

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