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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Dylan's Lawn Care, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Before we start out no I do not have my license yet but have studied for them and will be going for the test in the next week or 2.

    I will be buying a Spyker spreader and a Stihl backpack sprayer so I can spot spray, I don't have the money do kid sprayer or a tow behind this year so I cant blanket spray .

    Do any of you run a all granular program in the Midwest? I notices most of you seem to have at least one blanket spray in you programs. Can I provide a quality service by just spot spraying when I show up to mow? All my yards are around 5,000 square feet or under except a 20,000 square foot condo.
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    Spot spray is not enough for good weed control. There are too many weeds you don't see...some are too small to be visible. They come up about a week after you leave.

    I suggest an overall spray at least once per year. Just use the backpack and get a wide spray nozzle. OR...use a cone spray nozzle and wave the wand back and forth. Use low volume and low pressure so you are applying about a half gallon per thousand sqft. Calibrate carefully as you will need about 2 ounces herbicide per gallon. Keep moving. Don't overlap.
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    If you can keep a good barrier down with pre-m I don't see any reason why you couldn't get away with a backpack with a small walking boom for smaller lawns. We have a company in our town who is granular only...not sure how they do it.
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    What would be needed for an all granular to work is a preemergent for both sedges and broadleaves that is totally effective. The typical pre-m or Dimension application does not quite do enough for those weeds. Also needed is a postemergent that does not depend on high rates of dicamba to work. In some areas, penoxulam is sold as a granule for postemergent weed control. This is effective on many broadleaves and sedges, however it is hot on cool season grasses.
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    You'd be surprised at how much you CAN do with a backpack. You should have no problem doing 5k or less with a BP!
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    I missed the 5K part and seen the 20K.

    You are right about the backpack for 5K and under. For 5K lawns I do not even start my PG. Just fire up the ol backpack and go.

    You could get you one of the FastPack sprayers and get a two or three nozzel hand boom and Get R Done.
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    If you are just starting out I dont recommend a "weed n feed" granular. If you get enough in the mulch beds of around flowers they will be smoked. Using a backpack can easily kill your efficiency, and profit. Honestly, if thats what you are starting with you should make a getting a skid number 1 priority.
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    My average lawn is 5,000 or less. It is amazing what can be done with an engine driven backpack sprayer and a boom. There is no problem putting down 1 gallon per 1000 with efficacy. Have a look at this. The heart of the system is the secondary regulator that cuts the pressure down to 40 PSI and dampens the pulsations from the pump. A Solo 433 engine driven backpack will pump 400 PSI unregulated. I guess that is why they are not more popular. Herbicides at 400 PSI are a very bad idea. Those AI tips on the boom operated at 40 PSI allow me to apply some very hot mixes without burning holes in the lawn or killing every single tree and flower downwind of of the area.
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    Under 5k I walk with my backpack. It really depends on how much volume you have. If you have to spray 30 yards in a day and it's just you you might need something that is a little quicker. I can easily get a 5k yard done in 20 minutes or less and you have much more control over drift. You probably want to stay away from all granule, because each situation and yard will be different. A yard that has a huge weed problem will probably require you to spray a post em for it to work effectively. I get good exercise walking.

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