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    Just don't buy that cheap weed/feed from Home Depot and expect results....even on a wet lawn it's mediocre at best.
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    We run a full granular program. All of our lawns are full service mow/fert.we do have a few that are not mow customers, however; they have great lawns and weeds are not an issue. We will do pre-m, fert w merit for BB, 2 summer apps, early fall app, and finish it off with winterizer. Since we are on these lawns on a weekly basis controlling weeds is not a problem.
    I don't ever recommend blanket apping weed control if its not necessary. Why would you ever put a chemical down if its not needed. Not only is it bad for the enviroment but its a waste of money.

    A healthy well maintained lawn will choke the weeds out over time. Putting good fertilizer down will help grow a thick lawn.

    I get my products from Horizon...
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