Mostly granular weed and feed?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by toxic man, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. toxic man

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    Is it possible to have a weed and feed business and mainly use granulated products? What would I need to spray that I couldn't put down as a granular?
    I am thinking of expanding my pre-emerg business to do weed and feed? What is the advantage of applying liquid aka Ch@#mlawn? Dosen't the liquid require more apps per year than granular?
  2. jajwrigh

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    I recommend getting licensed to help answer some of these basic questions. This will be your safest and cheapest bet in the long run!

  3. toxic man

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    Why is it that so many people on this web site speak to the effect of licensure is a prerequisite to get information. As though there is a hierarchy of, and a dumbing down of people who cannot first answer the question, do you have a license? I have been monitoring this site for about two months now and have made a couple of observations. First, if you do a search some of your names, and looked at the history of, and the quality of, your questions, they have a certain pattern, THEY GOT BETTER AS THE KNOWLEDGE INCREASED. Not everyone started out as a brain surgeon. Imagine that! Second, is not the intent of this website to share information and utilize each other as a resource? So why don't we stop with the ever so insulting question and help each other out, unless someone out there is keeping a book for the EPA, better to treat each other without prejudice. We all might learn something.
  4. Premo Services

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    You can use all granular weed control program, but you would need a backpack sprayer to kill the growing weeds in a post emergent application. I started doing apps this spring, Yes I am licensed.... I used granular pre emergent and fert mixed. It worked fairly good, and used likuid post emergent applications.
    The main advantages to doing liquid applications is that the chemicals cost less, and you can mix fertilizer or post emergent products with them and do application 1 time with the chemicals.
    Another advantage to liquid apps is that you can cover more area easier and quicker.

    I am doing ok with the granular apps, and post emergent apps, but when I get more accounts, I definetly see a need for a spray tank system.

    Good luck on your test!!!!
  5. mkroher

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    liquid is more effective when it comes to herbicides, etc.
  6. TSM

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    anything you can spray you can also apply as a granular.

    its a matter of keeping the product (herbicide) on target.
    Granular weed controls have a tendency to bounce, roll, or get blown off target (the weed) where liquids stay put. Also granular weed controls are much more likely to land on off target areas, ie. flower beds.

    read the label of any granular broadleaf weed control, they will all say it is best to apply the product over a damp lawn...this will help the granular product stick to the target. This is not a problem, i guess, if you only treat a few lawns per day....easy to go out in the early AM and apply when there is a dew. But, if you need to treat all day long...once that dew has evaporated...your screwed
  7. tremor

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    Toxic Man,

    The name alone raises concern.

    The license issue is very real. You've been looking for software to invoice the services of an application business. So the motive is obvious.

    The licensed guys all know this & realize a licensed applicator would also realize that granular post-emergent herbicides don't work well enough to base a business on.

    If that weren't enough, then the additional cost of granular post-emergent herbicide negates the efficacy issue.

    Licensed & Insured LCO's resent losing business to "scrubs" & other non-licensed people. This isn't accusing you of being one. Just keep in mind the content of this thread might lead one to believe that is the case.
  8. bobbygedd

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    what the hell is a pre emerg business? and why are you applying pre ems without a license? :nono:
  9. Tscape

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    A pre-emerg business is one that he hasn't started yet? Also, AKA means "also known as". Perhaps you meant e.g. "example given" (TruGreen).
  10. jajwrigh

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    Tremor, BobbyG, and Turfscape:

    Thanks for seeing things my way. As for "toxic man" what basis am I basing my so called prejudice on?? I really want to know what you think! :waving:

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