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Mother nature hits hard


LawnSite Fanatic
We are getting a major snowstorm right now. Already 4-6" at my place, 9-18 predicted here, up to 30" where sprinklerguy is located. Our reservoirs are up that way and this helps so much due to our drought. I was hearing about restrictions getting even tighter later in the summer, but this storm has nixed that idea.

But on the other hand, it kills my schedule again. How about you groundmaster? I'm booked out for 2-3 weeks on service work and 3 days of rescheduling is going to kill me. If it's warm Sunday, and snow is gone, I'm working.

Ground Master

LawnSite Senior Member
colorado springs
Dana- I was already behind from the previous snow/rain of a few weeks ago. The bummer is, I was ahead of schedule at that point. I think what hurts is the watering restrictions. Most people wanted their systems turned on the week of April 15th so they could start watering as soon as the city allowed. Of course, thats impossible to get them all up and running in 2 days.

But, I love having a day or 2 off. Its a chance to catch up on paperwork, scheduling, planning, etc.

Too bad ugm's mexican fiestas wasn't today...........I could have stayed longer to eat more burritos!

I've got 7 days or so of work scheduled.

I live up by union/dublin, we have 6 inches or so on my lawn.



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Well it didn't hit as hard as expected, more rain than snow in the Springs. My place still received about 8-10 inches. Stuck to the streets which they plowed here. But I'm farther north and higher elevation. This really helps with the drought.

Both my tech and I are booked for 14 days straight with a few small openings here and there. Trying to fit these 3 days into those spots.

I stopped into UGM that day for a couple burritos, but had to leave quick since I was behind anyway. My tech rolled his ankle playing basketball last Saturday and was out of work for Mon and Tues, so MORE rescheduling. We'll have to hook up sometime Tom.