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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by eastcoastjessee, Dec 14, 2010.

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    I've been trying to research some low voltage motion sensors for a project i'm designing and coming up with few options. I'd like the fixtures to turn on independently. Also I'd like to mount these on the back of some stone walls within the landscape directed towards the lawn areas instead of around the eaves of the house. There will be approximately 7 fixtures around the perimeter of the house. The house sits in the middle of farmland with no other houses around. Any tips from experience would be greatly appreciated.

    I like this setup and it could be used with a Unique 24v transformer.

    And the ABT but there is little information on these as far as size and installation

    Are there any newer options?
  2. Tim R.

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    From my experience, the ABT is definitely the way to go for 12v motion. No wires to the motion sensing device, long range and easy set up. All the ones I have done work great with no issues.

    Call Greg at ABT and he can fill you in on more of the details: 888-869-4737
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    The ABT system is a great wireless alternative for most motion sensor applications. We have supplied these for two years and have not had any issues to date. It does require that you have the ABT receiver and turns on only zones that are not currently on. So it is limited in its ability to turn on only one specific zone or fixture.

    There is a new product that we have found that is a 12v inline motion sensor (not 24v) that is both AC or DC capable. It has a max capacity of 96watts and may be seen at This product is designed to switch on a specific run or fixture, again within it's max 96watt capacity.
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    True on all parts Tim and Gerry. You can accomplish pretty much anything with the small motion sensor or the ABT if you plan it out and wire it properly.

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