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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JoeinJasper, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. JoeinJasper

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    I have a customer that wants to leave their landscape lights on all night, but also want a zone to be controlled by 1 or 2 motion sensors. Is there a relatively inexpensive motion switch that can be wired into the home run that powers the flood lights? I've looked at ABT and x10, but can't justify the cost for a zone of 2 MR16 flood lights. Can a regular 120v sensor control a 12v circuit?

  2. Tim R.

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    On the low volt side, the only choices you have are ABT or buy a seperate transformer and switch it with the motion sensors independently of the others. ABT is pretty reasonble and their wireless motion sensors work great.
  3. S&MLL

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    Couldnt agree more
  4. Alan B

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    I found the x-10 wireless motion detectors to be pretty useless and would not recommend them. Poor/sporadic motion sensing, short range, frequent false alarms would cause lights to go on in the middle of the night alarming you into thinking there was an intruder on the property, batteries ran out quickly. Soon after the install experiment they were tossed into the garbage.
  5. JoeinJasper

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    Thanks, I'll look at ABT again...Joe
  6. David Gretzmier

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    I have wanted to do this as well, and I have seen outdoor rated 12v ac/dc motion sensors for around a hundred bucks. never used one . the ones that cost 10-25 bucks that I am used to have to have a 3 wire 120v hookup.
  7. Terradek

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    ABT is promoting their line with a "Demo Kit" that is priced well below normal pricing...this is a one time offer that will expire May 10. It is a great way to get the product you need at a price that cannot be beat. Give me a call and I can set this up for you.


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