motor oil and gas mixture for trimmer============

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Cashmonysonny, Apr 14, 2005.

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    Had a guy come into the shop with a BP blower the other day. The blower was a month old and he was pissed, he was using it and it locked up.I tore it down and after I got the covers off to remover the cylinder You could see the discoloring of the cylinder.You know, the telltale sign of over heating. I call him up and ask him what brand off oil he`s been using and he said its 2 stroke oil. I say what kind ? He says outboard engine 2 stroke .

    Warranty.... DENIED

    Motor oil is not designed to deal with the heat of newer 2 stroke engines. But hey, as long as you want to use motor oil, I will keep selling you brand new machines You guys are great for buisness.
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    I have done this once or twice or three or four times,with no problem,ran my lawn boy,and weed wacker,and my bp 400 this way for a month or two.(something to think about Gas has oil in it,You see there is a bigger picture here nameBrand 2 stroke motor oil, 2 stroke oil= motor oil mixed with fuel addtives,and a little dye.How many 2 stroke oil payed to have there oil tested? only two that I know of husq and echo.when useing motor oil in 2 stroke engines use high octane gas and you'll be saving money and learning how to think out side the box! do a search learn for your self on this topic. there are a lot of green horns on this web site who worship the (brand name) with there own money!pretty sad! :cry:
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    YOUR KILLING ME HERE!!!! Use a good two stroke oil of your choosing, Motor Oil as the name implies is for MOTORS, not high reving, lean and clean burning modern trimmers. Old guys in the woods using 50 lb David Bradley and McCulloch saws were able to do this, as with all things time has taught us a better way. Buck up and buy mix oil. :dizzy:

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