Motor problem


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Toledo, Ohio
I have stihl hedge clippers and it will only run with the choke on. If i start to take the choke off the motor dies. For some reason it doesnt like air. I took the carb off and it looks clean. I have no idea what it could be.....
go through carb
With hand helds 90% of the times the problem is the carb. With newer carbs some of the adjustment screws are hidden because they don't want people messing with them for emissions reasons. I have a great mechanic who work out of his house that is certified to work on all the common stuff. He knows all the tricks to get those carbs tuned up. He day job is a school district small engine head mechanic. It's hard to find mechanics like this where you can get you stuff fixed ASAP and not weeks from now.


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change your fuel lines. Like you say it doesn't like air. thats because its pulling air through the fuel line already. with the choke off it won't suck up gas because of the air leak.

Put a tiny hole in a straw where the hole is above the liquid and try and drink through it.

you'll see the difference
Check the lug nuts or muffler bearings:laugh:. You better head to the shop and let a expert fix the problem instead of possibly making the problem worse.