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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by wriken, May 30, 2003.

  1. wriken

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    Yesterday, I drove my truck(1992 F-250 diesel) for about 6 miles and idled in a drive for about 5 minutes, anyways when I left I went around the block and turned right as I did it quit, It did'nt sound like it run out of fuel, guage said 1/4 tank, (could be wrong though) tryed starting it a couple times with no results, then flipped it to back tank, cranked a couple time no results. Then I went and turned the drain on the fuel filter till some fuel came out and on the second try it started up. To me it did'nt sound like it ran out, also when I entered my drive(800'long) I switched to the front tank, and let it idle for awhile to see if it did run empty, it still ran.
  2. Seon

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    Similar thing happened to me on my 90 F350 Diesel. Turned out to be the fuel pump.
  3. wriken

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    did it do it more then once? Since then my wife and I have put probably 75-100 miles on and its running fine, it quit like as if you turned the key off.:dizzy:

    I wonder if theres something on the injector pump like a fuel shut-off that faulty?

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