motor swap?


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hey guys got a ?. i got a 22 horse kohler with a 3 29/32 long shaft. and i want to replace with a 25 and i ran across a good deal on one. but the shaft length is 3 1/4. with the way it is now with the 22 the shaft in the clutch is 2 3/4 long and the clutch shaft and the engine shaft are only making contact for 2''. if i go with the shorter shaft i will be giving up 3/4'' and then the clutch shaft would only be making contact with the engine shaft about 1 1/4. do you guys think that is enough contact or do you think i would have problems. thanks in advance.


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I dont know mow alone..... you are going to have to space the clutch out so that it sits 3/4" away from the crank in order for the belt to line up correctly... something to consider.