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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by The Lawn Crew, Aug 2, 2003.

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    Demo'd the Lesco walk-behind motorized spreader in the Lesco parking lot. Liked it a lot! It has a rod up by the handle that you turn in a 90-degree arc from noon to 3 o'clock. The closer to three you get, the quicker the spreader moves.

    Sure could have used it when I spread 14 bags of fertilizer at a condo complex.

    It takes the chore out of pushing. Probably not great for curbstrips with trees, or for really tight lawns, but othrwise I'd welcom a full-day demo to see if it fits into our lawn types.

    I know Earthway also makes a motorized unit. It's, I believe, a small 4-cycle 1-1/2hp(looks like the top of a weedwhacker) mounted directly onto the lower portion of the spreader. The Lesco unit has a Kawasaki engine riding on a platform with a third caster wheel.

    The Lesco is $1699; the Earthway $1199.

    Any comments, experiences, and ideas appreciated!
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    The Lawn Crew

    I just send you a private post. I have a like new Lesco motorized spreader for sale.

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    the problem with the spreader is the gearbox is crapp it is not made to take the abuse it will blow apart very quickly.
    i like some of lescos products and i use them every day but do not buy that spreader unless u like fixin it.
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    Check out: and scroll down to find motorized kits for Scotts/Andersons, Lesco, and Earthway spreaders.

    It appears to be a Honda 4-cycle powerunit attached to drive the two wheels under the platform to which the engine is attached.

    The Lesco built self-propelled spreader has a hydraulic unit/chain driven sprocket mounted directly to the spreader axle.

    As always, comments appreciated!
  5. The Lawn Crew

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    $700+ Holy Sh1t !!! That power-pak looks like a mini tiller gearbox w/ the tines and handle removed and wheels put on in place of the tines. You can buy a mini tiller for less than $400 loose the tines and handle, add wheels, a hitch, and a throttle control. Looks like a neat set-up but I wonder how well it works on soft lawns??
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    I've used one for years and have not had a single problem. Most equiptment failures in my opinion stem from abuse and neglect. I'm sure we have all seen the guy who spends $3500.00 on a mower only to have it look like crap within a week.

    Take care of your equiptment and it will take care of you.

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