mounting a chipper to Walker mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cantoo, Aug 24, 2001.

  1. cantoo

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    I need some input from the innovators in the group. I have a Walker with 48" GHS and the 9.5 bin on it that we use for "nice" lawns. We have a MTD Pro Z that we use to side discharge most of the rest. I also have a Toro wbh for the really rough areas and a 72" Ransomes for big properties. The next concern for me is leaves and heavy grass we don't want to have to double cut or collect if we can get away with it. Here is what I am going to do in my spare time. Take the bin off the Walker, build a platform for my 5hp chipper to mount where the bin was, add an extension pipe to the Walker from the blower to shoot into the intake of the chipper. The chipper will discharge behind the Walker. Hopefully this will shred the clippings and leaves into very small pieces and by directing the discharge into the cut grass it will "blow" it right out of sight. If this setup works properly I will refine it and mount it on my spare Diesel Walker so I don't have to remove it from the gas Walker for lawns that have to be collected. With this setup I can also pull a trailer and blow chipped leaves directly into it if the leaves are really thick, this should reduce the volume quite abit. By the way, I have already tried doubles and no it doesn't work well enough for me for the amount of leaves I want to do. What do you think Stone and the rest of the out of the box thinkers?
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    good idea!!!

    I use my home-made grass deflector and tow a small trailer behind me for this.

    after the flood here, i cut with my 52" sd with doubles and then pushed what was left with my home-made leaf plow mounted on front into the river.
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    You sorta lost me.
    I have a 42" diesel Walker and am very happy with the way leaves are shredded by the blower system on the Walker.
    In fact, when the leaves start coming down on our customers yards we just start each job by blowing everything from the driveway and beds into the lawn and then go over it with the Walker. Amazing how compact the leaves get when picked up that way. Don't believe would be any better going throuh a shredder.
  4. JJ Lawn

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    With my 42" mulch deck I can reduce leaves 6 - 12 inches thick to dust. Might take a couple extra passes, but it sure beats bagging them. You can do the same with the 48" GHS deck if you plug up the chute before the blower. A little slower than the mulch deck but same results. NO LEAVES to be seen on yard.

  5. cantoo

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    This is one of our lawns, the grass is thin because of all the trees so it is hard to hide the shreaded leaves. The Walker does a great job, it is just too slow when the leaves are thick. The added suction from the chipper will also allow us to drive faster and pulling a trailer will decrease the number of times driving to dump leaves. We can dump over a nearby ravine. We also do one time clean ups and the leaves are over 12" thick and wet so the increased suction would also help.


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