Mounting leaf box on F-150

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brentsawyer, Sep 22, 2002.

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    Last week I bought the LESCO leaf vacuum and I have not decided on how I want to mount the vac. I will be using my 16' open trailer with a 52" Scag TT and 36" WB when needed, the Scag is 6'6" long. I would like to mount the vac to my truck w/8' bed with a large as possible leaf box and this also means that I will have to mount the vac at least 1' above the tailgate since my trailer will hit it if mounted to the tailgate. However, I need a way to swing the vac away for unloading. Or if you have a better solution, I am interested

    So what I am looking for is advice from someone who has done this before and could pass along any info or pics. I want to keep all equip with one truck.
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    i have seen a lot of guys mount the vac on the tongue or the frame of the trailer. you add a tube that shoots it into the truck, and when you go to dump, just disconnect the trailer.
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    Check out the last post down on leaf has a link to a website something like road equipment or something like that they have a photo in there of a mounted leaf vac on a swing away hitch kinda thing I think the swing away hitch goes for like 400 bucks or less.
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    That company name is Hi-Way they make factory direct equipment for a REALLY affordable price. I would look at their site and take a look at the f-150 they have a leaf box on there and I think they sell the swing away hitches+mount for the leaf vacs. I have a Billygoat 16hp mounted on a trailer shooting into the trailer.
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    I made up a dolly frame to mount my loader on, (2) 8" fixed wheels and ( 2) 8" swivel wheels. I load from the front of the truck so most of the leaves are at the back. I keep it on the trailer where ever there is space and roll it off to the front of the truck, very easy. I use sections of stove pipe from the loader to the truck. The stove pipe is light and easy to handle. I set the stove pipe in a hole in the box and push the loader outlet pipe into the stove pipe, secure loader to bumper with a ratchet strap and go at it. The dolly frame also makes it very easy to move the unit around the garage to fit the storage space.

  6. I think your truck is going to load to fast and not have much weight open to pull a trailer. Your GVW is right around 6000 puonds, add the truck, trailer mowers, then add the leaves in it will struggle hard. When leaves load in the truck it doesn't take long for them to add up. If you made a box that is 8' long by 5' wide by 2' high to add to the height of your bed, you have now about 6 yard caring capasity, that is way above and beond your trucks abillity. Anyways here is what you need to attach your swing away loader to your truck.

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    that hitch is pretty cool. Where do you get it? It enables you to tow a trailer and haul the loader, correct? Have you used it, how safe is it?
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    i use a dual receiver hitch extension to mount a debris loader (trac vac) on the back of the pickup without having to disconnect the trailer, but i don't drive around with it back in lancaster pa...

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