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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by shovelracer, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. shovelracer

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    I have a situation that is new to me. Usually we are able to mount our transformers to flat strong surfaces IE foundation walls or garage. I need now to install a 30lb transformer against vinyl siding. I have 2 thoughts and wondered what the preferred method was. The homeowner would rather not cut up the siding because they want to take the system if they move???

    One option would be to mount with 1/4" screws into the sheathing. There would be nylon spacers to keep the screws from pulling the box and crushing the siding.

    The other option would be to cut out the siding and run J channel around it and mount directly to the sheathing.

    I'm not huge on the idea of the transformer being out from the mounting surface, but they do this with sat dishes and they are fine. The Conduit will also be providing some unintentional support as well. Is there a better way?

  2. Classic Lighting

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    I never mount to vinyl siding. IMO, a sheet of ply is not strong enough to support a trans. I would recommend installing a 4x4 a few inches off the building and attaching the trans to that.
  3. shovelracer

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    A post wont work, at this location. It is a raised portico inside corner and the location is the only spot that has the home automation line to the outside and also the only location that has a pass through utility hole. Garage would have been choosen, but the cost was prohibitive.
  4. klkanders

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    The J channel option could work if done properly or what about mounting an iron support to the foundation if possible similar to how ac units are hung on slopes?
  5. RLI Electric

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    I cant really visualize what you are doing but how about unistrut and spring nuts. Should easily hold hundreds of pounds.
  6. S&MLL

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    Give us a call and we will come hook it up.

    We would never mount on siding. But if you had to just mount it. Get yourself some ledger locks and screw 1 into the stud. Remember under that plywood there are 2*6s or 2*4s.

    It holds up decks... It will hold up a trans.
  7. ELumin8

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    RLI Electric has the right suggestion. Mount it with galvanized strut, spring nuts & anchor bolts. You will get about 1-5/8 away from the house to allow for heat dissapation between the x-former and the siding.
  8. David Gretzmier

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    agreed. I do not mount directly on vinyl siding. trans can get hot.
  9. Pro-Scapes

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    They have a home automation system but the cost to remote mount the trans is prohibative ? Im wondering how the Portico will look with a transformer hanging on the wall inside of it.

    Definatly no mounting to vinyl siding. Post mount... in grade or find another location.

    Rememeber. Transformers should be obscured from view when possible. It really makes a difference in your overall installation. We are starting a project Monday where we needed have $600 in driveway bores and 120v work done today so we could keep the transformer out of this ladies prized garden. Her last contractor post mounted one smack in the middle of her roses.
  10. S&MLL

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    Were on the same page with this one

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