Move control levers in, mower wants to stall. But wait, theres another wrinkle.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ce750jockey, May 1, 2014.

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    For number 2 it is incorrect. If you have the parking brake on and pull the levelers in should die. Which is what is happening.

    The seat switch is a good idea to check but the switch needs to work when starting the mower up so most likely that is fine.

    I would check wiring connections and the switch for the parking brake. If things are fine their they should swap the relay module and see if that went bad.
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  2. ce750jockey

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    Guys, firstly, thanks for all the suggestions. I'm not a landscaper, just a lowly and frustrated homeowner, so this mower only gets run once a week. But I know enough about cars, batteries and electronics to surmise that it's not a battery issue.

    As for the Parking Brake, there isn't a separate brake to set. Just to clarify, this mower is "braked" when you leave the control levers "out". So, I'm guessing there's some kind of "brake" solenoid that gets activated when the levers are in the "out" position, correct? I can hear something electronically activating when the levers reach a certain outboard position, and I'm assuming it's the brake switch being energized. I suspect the problem may indeed lie here.

    Regarding the seat "kill switch"...I hate it. I'm sure schematically, this ties in somewhere and somehow with the control lever brake switch. Would you guys recommend bypassing/disabling the seat kill switch, and if so, what's the easiest way to do this? Did I mention I hate it?!

    Again guys. Thanks for the help/suggestions.
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    Contact the dealer and ask if they checked the brake module terminals. If they didn't, find another dealer. The system should be diagnosed through the harness at that point.
    Most electrical parts replaced are not defective. Just monkeys replacing the first thing they see.
  4. ce750jockey

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    Good idea. I'll do that. Thanks for the advice.
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    I leave mine disconnected the seat switch anyways and never seen parking break make mower die ever on my models maybe a newer thing.
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    If your levers are IN on just about ANY modern mower, and you set the parking brake, it will shut the engine off!

    It also won't start if parking brake isn't set.

    Still think Jockey's problem lies in the switchs that control the parking brake.
  7. ce750jockey

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    Yeah, that makes sense. I think the idea being that the drive not be engaged with the parking brake on in case the parking brake fails and then the mower start to move with you not on it. But again, since I don't have a separate parking brake, the seat kill switch would serve this function and shut down the mower if it's engaged and I get out of the seat and walk away from the mower.
  8. TLS

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    But the real reason for the mowers with separate brake and levers to have this is to prevent someone from trying to drive with the parking brake on! This will damage the hydros REAL quick, and if the brakes don't hold, they'd damage the brakes REAL quick too.

    The lever-out brakes is GREAT. I had that on my Hustler SuperZ.....Glad to hear that other manufacturers are starting to use this feature. After 7 years with the Hustler, I still find myself forgetting on the new Lazer!
  9. ricky86

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    Did you ask the dealer?

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