Moved from 2 acres to 1/4 acre lot...

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tlwmsu, Apr 20, 2007.

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    Sold my White Outdoor lawn tractor (38" cut) because I didn't think the new yard was big at all. Oops. Have a fairly old 21" Snapper push (no self propel, either) that takes me just under an hour just to cut :hammerhead:. Along about 30 min more to trim/blow. Now, I'm interested in getting a used commercial grade walk-behind, because I help people out every now and then with their yards, and would think a nice one would last a long time for homeowner use and good maintenance. One catch...the only place to store the mower at the new house is the storage room (strict covenants prevent a "Home Depot" storage building in back yard) in the garage...with a normal 32" (or thereabouts) door. Worst case, I *might* be able to put it in the garage with the truck/car. Or, are there good covers on the market I could use and keep a mower in the back yard without being under roof???:nono:

    Any suggestions?
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    Rubbermaid makes very small closet sheds for things like this and they are useually pretty cheap. They have all kind of shapes and sizes. I was looking at them in the outdoor section at Lowes a few weeks ago. I just bought a Rubbermaid ultramax to get some things out of the garage myself. It is the biggest on they have and It is already full..Go figure.

    Check out the link
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    Unfortunately, even those would be frowned upon in my subdivision. Theoretically, however, if it wasn't viewable over the fence...:waving:
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    There are definitely "low profile" plastic sheds available that would easily stay under the fence line. I have one in my yard. We had to special order it in from Home Depot (they had pictures of it, but it was not a stock item).

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