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    I have never had a probelm like this before and i was wondering if any of you guys have. Last fall a ladie signed a contract for lawn care to start this spring. I showed up cut the property 3-4 times billed her and she calls Fri night and leaves a message saying that she moved and now she has a bill for lawn mowing for a house she doesnt live in. She thinks that i should bill the new owners. Should i use it as a tax write off "business loss" or go after her.

    Thanks Jason
  2. tiedeman

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    if she signed the contract then she owes you the money...if she never told you that she moved it was her fault and explain that to her...I had the same problem about 5 years ago. The lady moved, never told me and I was stuck with a $50 bill. The lady refused to pay it and the realtor refused to pay it. Too low to go after for collections so I just chalked it up and learned from experience.
  3. It's of little value to you as a write off.
    I'd file a contractor's lein against the property. Even for $50. If you did the work you have a right to get paid.

  4. LawnsRUsInc.

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    Thats what i was thinking of doing, going to the court house. What would happen though would the lein go onto the new home owners or not, who would the money come from to drop the lien? They owe me 3 cuttings at $120. The contract is for the whole season at $980.

    Thanks Jason
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    I'd hunt her down and rip out her still beating heart, then feed it to her. Short of that, I'd explain to her that you will be filing in small claims court unless she coughs up the cash quickly!
  6. Green in Idaho

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    I wonder what the new owner was thinking????
  7. Ray&Christine

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    I wonder if she remembered to tell the phone and cable company that she moved? She signed the contract so it is up to her to notify you that see moved. I would try small claims court.

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    Definitely go after the money! What does your contract state as far as cancellation is concerned? If you have any friends who are lawyres, you might just try to get him/her to send a brief letter explaining that payment is due, and if not received legal action will follow. This may be enough to get you your money.

    Most likely, she forgot up to this point that she signed with you for that property, but that's her problem, not yours. You upheld your part of the contract, now it's her turn!
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    ...And to NO extent can the new homeowners be held acountable, so the idea of a lien against that property is out of the question. One thing to consider though, is that if you are awarded a judgement, they can put lien a against other real property that belongs to her. Or, if you have a contract, it can also go to collections. The only thing with this, is that you can lose some of the money owed to you. I would go for the civil suit.

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