Moving a hydro mower that wont start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by pwoller, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. pwoller

    pwoller LawnSite Member
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    I got a project mower. Its a scag hydro walkbehind. Its in nuetral and it wont roll. the rear wheel s actually just skid across the gound. Do I have a hydro problem or is there a way to allow the rear tires to roll with the mower not running?
  2. piston slapper

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    You gotta release the hydros...
    Use a 5/8 wrench and loosen the relief valves about 1 on each pump
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  3. M & MD Lawn

    M & MD Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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  4. pwoller

    pwoller LawnSite Member
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    Well that makes things much easier. That mower is heavy when your trying to drag it!
  5. charmill26

    charmill26 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Haha I wish I would have asked that question before. I've dragged mine more times than I can count.
  6. pwoller

    pwoller LawnSite Member
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    I drug it off the trailer and into the garage leaving tire marks the whole way. Ask on the forum and now I'm moving it with ease by myself. Thanks guys!

    Now any one want to fix this thing for me. Original owner said it ran fine then cut out. Scag dealer said it needed a new carb. I'm starting with fresh gas and a good carb cleaning first.

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