Moving business from michigan to florida

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by platinumservice, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. easy-lift guy

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    You will have your work cut out for you for sure. Just remember I shoot from the hip and I am a realist.. Nearly everyone starts out at Min. wage at one time or another. How much your willing to learn and earn in the mean time will be up to you.
    easy-lift guy
  2. Ric

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    Yep Walmart will hire anyone. Those who can't make the Grade at Walmart go into the lawn Mowing Business. So that the kind of competetion your up against.

    But you didn't listen to my advice of going into the Tourtist Service Business. Minimium wage isn't bad when you are getting Big Tips. Waiter or even Bus boys are making a living wage.

    In Edit:

    I don't think Code Enforcement is going to allow you to park a Lawn Trailer at an Apartment Building. Even Home owners have problems parking Equipment at home.

  3. platinumservice

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    Well I probably wouldn't put any info on my truck or trailer I'm leaving the business I built in michigan to pursue a career in a motorcycle mechanic field I sometimes wish I could find someone I could trust to manage the hundred lawns I cut but I know that would be few and far between when I get to florida I would be happy with just 10 or so lawns starting out and then also working at another job and going to school
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  4. easy-lift guy

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    I believe you should sell your business out in MI, use the proceeds to concentrate on getting certified as a MM. You can find a PT job or work for another LCO and concentrate on completing your schooling. With year round riding here in the state the need for good MM will always be present now and the future.
    easy-lift guy
  5. BCL Services

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    Don't let these guys scare you off :) There is a ton of grass down here to mow. One thing for sure is you will need to be able to take the heat, because it gets damn hot! But if you take pride in your work and are reliable you will do fine. Hell half of the regulars on this Florida board would probably hire you if are reliable and do competent work. There are a ton of people mowing yards here, but there are a lot of idiots that don't last because they can't hack it. Good luck!!

    I will say that working in the AC does sound good though.
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    You'll make more mowing grass down here than putting chrome on at Harley. I once flipped pizzas next to a MMI grad who quit his 9hr job at the dealer after MMI for $11 making pies. MMI UTI etc all are a joke. Apply at a dealer and they will train you and pay you. Family owns a repair shop down here for cars and they won't touch UTI MMI. If you truly want to have a job in motorcycles get any job at any motorcycle dealer and work your way up. Florida is no place for a part time lawn guy. You'll have to do 30 yards a week to make $200 bucks salary here. Weather will wipe your whole week up and with having a school schedule when are you going to play catch up?

    Traffic isn't that bad but it will cost you a ton in tolls. Only place in FL that the only way around is toll roads. Add a trailer and it will drain your wallet just as fast as fuel. Your apartment complex usually will not let you keep a trailer and storage is about $125 a month to park it here.

    BTW move as far away as possible from MMI. You do not want to live off the trail (17-92, OBT Orange Blossom trail). You will hate your Florida experience living down there. Orlando is not the real Florida experience it's way to far from the ocean IMO and I grew up here.

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