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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by sodzilla, Sep 1, 2004.

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    I am going to move my business next year to another state. I know some of you have probably done this before and am looking for ideas on things I might have missed. I have already done alot of research on the area(the internet is a wonderfull thing). I have also contacted the Chamber of Commerce, realtors, and some businesses in the area I'm thinking of relocating to. I have even talked to a fellow LS'er that is from that area who's dad still loves there.

    I checked with the phone company. Their YP ads are due in April with the books comming out in mid june. So that will be a little late for jobs starting in the spring. I've thought of the newspaper and a local magazine that comes out twice a year. The only problem with the magazine is the next issue's deadline is in oct. and I will not be out there at that time. The phone company said I can set up a number and have it forwarded or go to a voice mail system untill I move out there. I have also considered a mailing, however I have never had that good of a response to them.

    I have done several other things. To much to list (I'm a slow typer). But if anyone has any ideas that I may not have thought of, I'm open to suggestion.

    Thanks for your time and wisdom,

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    Hi sodzilla,

    How about registering your business name, getting any applicable licenses?
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    I've already contacted the Secretary of States office and have the forms.

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