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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mooch91, Jul 7, 2006.

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    Need to move a head from one zone to another (original install did not realize the future location of a frontyard-backyard fence). Original job is all poly/plowed pipe.

    Was going to pull the head from its "current" zone, remove funny pipe to lateral, and cap/plug at lateral. Avoiding a deadleg in the zone.

    Also planning to find last head on the "to" zone, tee in to its 1/2" funny pipe riser and run 1/2" funny pipe to new head (~15').

    Based on gpm calcs, there's reserve capacity in the system on the "to" zone.

    Any performance issues with this method, or should I try to work my way back to the lateral for the "to" zone. Would definitely require a lot of invasive search and hit-or-miss digging. I just can't imagine the performance difference will be worth it for one head.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. londonrain

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    I had a similar situation yesterday. Original installer had installed spray heads and rotor heads on the same zones. System also had one rotor in the front yard running with rotors in the back yard. We ended up capping four heads and changing the spray heads on the zone to rotor heads. With cost in mind for the homeowner, we moved the new rotor heads via swing pipe with the runs between 5' and 20' into better locations. Not the perfect solution but better than it was.
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    I use neither poly nor funny pipe so I'll answer in general. As long as the funny pipe you'll be teeing off of will carry the combined GPM of the two sprinklers then it would work fine.
  4. mooch91

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    Thanks. Heads that are being moved are 1 gpm rotors (corners), teed in to 1.8 gpm rotors (half circles). I presume that 1/2" funny pipe can handle 2.8 gpm (considering the 4 gpm rotors are swung to the laterals with the same funny pipe). Pressure loss through the 15' runs will be more than that of 3/4" pipe, but should be manageable.

    Agreed, not ideal, but it's a pain fixing someone else's mistakes.

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