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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by j-ville native, Jun 11, 2011.

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    I usually just mow, but a customer wants an estimate for digging up some elephant ear plants and re-planting them in a different bed. It is hard to say how many elephant ear plants there are because they are close together and there seems to be little elephant ear leafs sprouting up from the ground around some of the plants. I'm guessing there are 7-8 main elephant ear plants between 1-2 feet tall and 5 or so additional elephants ear plants sprouting up that may be part of one of the main plants. How hard are these to dig up and what should I charge for this? Should I charge by the plant? Thanks for any replies because I did some research but I am still clueless about these plants.
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    Their easy to dig up & replant. Most times they go into quick shock after digging them up and replanting them, if this happens, just slice the wilted ones off with a serrated knife or scissors and new growth (ears) will pop out later on. Not sure what to charge, as this is a very easy plant to dig up.

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