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Discussion in 'Sports Field Maintenance' started by Keegan, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Keegan

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    IMG_0983.JPG is there an easier way to move this type of goal? Currently we attach swivel wheels to one end which are not meant for this and the other end is put on a tractor and driven up.
  2. CorgiTurf

    CorgiTurf LawnSite Senior Member
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    Either that or an 18 foot trailer. Moving goals sucks
  3. upidstay

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    About 8 people pick it up and carry it
  4. Paliaike

    Paliaike LawnSite Member
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    you can build a trolley

    230-7204-3 trolley.jpg
  5. CorgiTurf

    CorgiTurf LawnSite Senior Member
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    Looks great.... For concrete
  6. rsp1961

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    If youre talking about moving them around on field so that you can mow, i have an agreement with the soccer org that their paid coaches and players move them just to another spot that has already been mowed so that the grass does not continue to grow tall; however, if you havent already noticed, soccer caches and players are lazy and entitled. lol. It used to bug the hell out of me, now they are learning that if they dont move them that area does not get cut. I have also been known to push the goals with my mower deck gently. If you are talking about transporting them to another field we have to dismantle them completely and haul on a 16 ft trailer.
  7. TPendagast

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    You can nudge them with your mower deck and they will slide from side to side
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  8. Todd73

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    When I worked at the school we had to move the practice goals all the time. Up against a fence, get off the mower, lift one end, walk it back, lift the other end, walk it back, mow. If it was in the middle of the field, push it with the mower.
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  9. CorgiTurf

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    Yes they are entitled! The coach blasted me because my guy started pushing them with the mower, scraping the paint off the goal in that area. It's fun when you have a 3 acre field with 10 goals on it
  10. Paliaike

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    My home made : not the best but so quick to load : it needs two guys-two min, we use it to remove freestanding goals before kick off



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