Moving to Florida: Advice Requested

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by FastMan, Dec 23, 2012.

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    For real estate recovery appreciation that will be the highest, and the prospects for a new landscaping business will be the greatest will be in Central Florida. The Orlando area is where the recovery is the best in the state. Most anywhere along the I-4 corridor would be good. From Hillsborough County north to Citrus County and across the state I personally would stay away from either coast at least twenty miles just because of the tourist Industry being what it is both coast draw them like flies and it can be a total mess and nightmare on the roadways.
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    Florida Gardener: Interesting point about Martin County. Curious if you can expand a little bit. I live in Stuart and I've thought that things were kind of quirky in regards to household income/pricing...lots of competition and services saturating the market? Curious just as to what exactly your take is on the situation and what causes it as well. Maybe I will look for expansion to the south. PSL doesn't seem much different. Would love to hear more of your thoughts. Thanks!
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    So have you decided when you'll be moving and what part of the state you'll be moving into. The thing is that starting and building your business shouldn't be a big problem, its gotten to the point that its one sub-division or trailer park after another.
    I myself am setting in a sub-division that has like 1800 homes and I never leave the place unless I have to buy gas and I stay busy about all year around, and there seems to be plenty of work. What ever location you decide on I'm sure you'll get plenty of work.
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    You might want to rethink Florida's high summer heat & humidity which can cause breathing problems for those persons with problems.

    Arizona with it's drier climate might be a better choice for breathing problems.

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    I would agree with Ric on this, another thought I am not sure if it plays a problem with the person effected with breathing problems but you should consult the doctor about, allergies. Florida is full of Allergens and it is not uncommon for those that have successfully lived in other parts of the country to come here to develop issues with Allergens. Just a thought

    In terms of areas that would recover well. I am going to say the Orlando area as although we are based in tourism like most of Florida, we have lots of working class to middle upper class families here. You will not get premium dollars here but should be able to make a comfortable living I would think.

    If you want to do top dollar work and get paid for it - look in Florida Gardeners area of Jupiter / Jupiter island where there is a large concentration of wealth. Along with other areas of wealth concentration like Boca, Naples, Sanibel/Captiva - each market has its challenges so be prepared to figure them out and give yourself time to establish into the area and meet those challenges.
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    Ric I didn't know you had a ric Jr mowing grass. Ric1
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    I only claim two off spring legally and neither one cuts grass.

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    Man, you should move here to NC, we're about 200 feet above sea level where I live. I can be above 5000 feet elevation in about 4 hours and snow ski. It's not Colorado powder, but it's what we've got. We're also about 2-1/2 hours from the coast if you want the beach. Good luck with the move, I grew up on the east coast of Florida, near the space center.
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    Is it possible to build up to a few maintenance crews?

    I know there are a lot of one man bands down there with no overhead that keep the rates real low so Im just wondering if that is the norm or if there are also plenty of multi crew companies that operate?
  10. A lot of the multi crew companies here are lowballers. The companies that work on the high end stuff do well. I'm not talking the wannabee crowd, but the wealthy crowd. There are a lot of wannabee jokers that live here but have more debt than assets.
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