Moving to Florida: Advice Requested

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by FastMan, Dec 23, 2012.

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    florida gardener has it bang on..
    loads of one man bands undercutting, though they usually rap in around august when the going gets tough. The big firms are low ballers and there are loads of wannabbees, talk a good job but poor/late payers, but there are a handfull of upper end great guys.. wish I had more of them.. I am into year two,feel like I am ninety!! its been tough going, but hanging in.
    from an allergen point of view, it is not great..
  2. The key is finding people that want a nice yard and landscape and actually have the budget for it. I have found the wealthy people or really really well off people to be the best bc they def have the budget for it and usually just want things done right. The key is also finding customers that aren't going to compare your prices to illegals. I've found that to be an issue before.
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    Thanks Guys, I been interested in moving down from Ice Cold NY but only if I could build up a 3 or 4 crew operation and make some decent money. I dont mind being on a crew for a year or so to get things going.

    Cant do that if you can only charge $20-$25 /hr for mowing services. Maybe $35, is that possible?
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    we have 3 crews...a commercial crew, a high end resi crew and a mow blow and go crew......honestly the mow blow and go crew make a higher net than both the other crews...less complaints/callbacks and much easier on the equipment and just have to have a whole bunch of them in a tight route.
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    Thank You

    You are making a point I have tried to express. Yes in my old age I am doing Mow&Go pest control by offering Fire Ant spraying only. Now as a One man band with little or no over head. I have a much lower Gross sales but a lot more Jingle in my pocket. At one time I had a Nursery and install business and kissed the butts of ungrateful Rich Folks. Now I am working for Good old boys.

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    I am in the process of moving from Ohio to the Cape Coral / Fort Myers area.
    I currently own a Lawn Mowing / Landscape Maintenance company in Central Ohio, which has been in business for over 10 years.
    I'm making the move to be with my fiance, and have been researching the industry in the SW Florida region. My fiance has some connections with a few property managers with who I have met with. I can expect rough 12-15 properties to begin with if I decide to move my business.
    I also may have some leads in the Naples area for some business.
    How is business in the area, is it worth pursuing or should I look into other means of income?

    Thank you
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    I'm in Ft Myers/Cape Coral area. You'll want to pick one area. Not many guys are successful at covering all of Lee County let alone Lee County and Collier County.

    I love what I do so I didn't want to do anything else. There are tons of guys running around cutting lawns so there is always somebody cheaper. We add new accounts every month though. We've added 5 new accounts this month.

    Naples cost of living is much higher than Ft Myers or Cape Coral.

    Also some helpful advice I wish I had gotten in the beginning. Don't do by the cut mowing. Get everybody on a year round plan with level billing. Once we changed to this after our first year it has been great, with keeping on schedule and we don't have the fluctuation in customers or cash flow.

    Depending on equipment that 12 to 15 lawns would only be 1 to 1.5 days so you'll have a lot of room to fill out your schedule. Most properties in the area are only 80' x 125' unless you get out into the rural areas although they are few and far between and very few of them use lawn services.
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    Agreed. You have to explain it as a year round financing agreement. Even in winter you will get two mowings in, summer sometimes five. Winter brings leaves to mulch and bed edges to recut. They get they're moneys worth. You can't just forget about the yard for 4 months, it will look like azz. It still grows and a few weeds need topping. Hedges and edging need tightening up. Good time to upsell mulch instead of spring when your busy. You can skate by with minor irrigation repairs and holiday\landscapinglights.
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    Whats your company name in Ohio?? How did u do in snow this year? I hit 250k... Last year snow was 100k...

    Hard to leave so much $$$$.
    But i'm making the move
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    Dosent anyone do grounds for Apartment complexes here?? Everybody talks about $20 cuts..

    Complexes are my bread and butter

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