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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dpjoseph, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. dpjoseph

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    I live in New Jersey right now and have a landscaping business. I am certified in Turf and Ornamental pesticide. My mom lives in Ocala, Florida and I am moving down to florida to help and be near hear because she became very ill. My question is since I have my license what do I need to do to convert it when I move down there? Do I have to take a new test? if so not a problem just need to know. Any help would be great guys thanks.
  2. ProMo

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    I think you would have to work for a pco for a year before you can take the test
  3. lawnguyland

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    I've considered this ? myself. I think if that's true it's pure bullshniz, you should be able to just take the test. I'd just call the FL DEC (or equivilent)
    to find out.
  4. A.T.A.K

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    You must have 3 years experience the most recent year has to be under a certified operator in FL then you can apply to take the exam to get your license.
  5. Ric

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    Yep Your Out of State License only Drops Two years off the Required time to work under an others License.

    Bottom Line is you still need one year working for a Florida CPO to sit for the test. By the time you qualify for the test and get scheduled to take the test and get your results back, It should be just under two years.

    BTW You can forget most of what you learned in New Jerky. Florida is the Bug Capital of America. Florida uses 25% of all the Fertilizer sold in the entire nation because of our sandy soil. You also will have to sit for the hardest Pesticide test in the nation.
  6. dpjoseph

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    I just contacted Florida DEP and they explained since I have over ten years in Pest control and I already have pesticide license in pest management (termites and bugs) and turf and ornamental that they wave the year of working for a LCO. The only thing needed is a pre class to the test then I may take the exam. Florida LCO's don't be so scared because here I come.
  7. Ric

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    Hate to bust your Bubble, BUT. Someone has given you the info for the LIMITED Pesticide License. Yes if you pass the test and buy insurance you will be able to spray Roundup legally.

    What you are looking for is the COMMERCIAL Lawn & Ornamental Pesticide License. There is no pre course for the Commercial L & O License, Only the Limited. Better check again.


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