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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Auchan, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Auchan

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    I care for one large estate with moderately sloping land.

    I have been using a lawn tractor (46" deck) and mowing some slopes. The lawn tractor just bit the dust. Now I want to upgrade to small zero turn mower. Is the Ferris 1500 (48" deck) a good choice for stepping up. The suspension system would be nice as I hit some rough ground.

    Realistically, what kind of time savings should I expect and how much trouble will I have holding a stripe along a slope while I get used to hand controls.

    Anyone out there use a Dixie Chopper? How do they compare.

    I have good dealerships locally for Gravely, Ferris, John Deere and a smaller shop selling Dixie Chopper. The boss told me to find something around $5000.
    Any thoughts?
  2. ALarsh

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    How large is the large estate?

    Most commerical Z's will run you around $7000. Most important thing is dealer support.

    Use this and you will be busy for months reading information:
  3. FLYonWALL9

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    Although I don't have the 48 I do have a new 44 and can say the thing is killer. I have a very bad back and I do feel that the shocks help some. They can be adjusted like adjustable coil overs on cars but I haven't played with it.

    The cut is great and the price for mine was only 5200. I would bet you could get into a 48 for no more than 6 if that much. I didn't even really haggle, just said I was paying cash and that was that. I can tell you side slopes are a pain but taking them up and down it doesn't miss a beat. I cut a hill that is UNREAL steep almost to the point where I need front end weight and it will go up as fast as it does on flat ground.

    I cant say enough about my new Ferris.

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