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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by davis45, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. davis45

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    Well i need a little help. My Lawn care is currently only part time. I have an opportunity for a job(my main job) that is 4 hours away from where i currently live. I will be making a nice chunk of change for my age (19) with no college degree, which is hard to pass up.

    Now, my question is how do i restart my side business of Lawn Service? Since it is only part-time, its not a full time business i figured i might have a rough time re-starting. I dont want to give up the 25k a year side job that i enjoy doing.

    I am honestly clueless how to start in a new location, because here, i started mowing my neighbors yard when i was about 12 and then my name spread as i got older. Any advice?
  2. lickliss

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    If you've paid off all your equipment to date, congratulations, you are already a successful businessperson. I mow on the side, I am a commercial airline pilot by trade. I cannot say enough about multiple streams of income. I took a 50% paycut at the airline. Mowing in no way supports my family, but it does provide equipment we need to take care of ourselves as well. Of course the tax advantages of the small business are good, and as a young single person you can probably greatly benefit from some write offs especially if this will be a bump in income for you and you don't own a home. I suggest you think about your future housing arrangements. Could you mow the apartment complex you might be moving to. Could you do that in exchange for rent? Might you consider looking for a property management job at a complex and do the lawn care as well. The possibilities are endless, and as we all know there is lot of competition. Of course challenges might be equipment storage in a rental situation. I think you might also consider selling the business before you move. Have you established any contracts with customers. If not, the business value might only be equipment. Small businesses typically sell for three times annual revenue, I think that would be tough with a lawn service unless you have established a solid advertising and consumer identity presence in the community. Contracts help to ensure future value to the purchaser. There are many factors to consider, you need to ask yourself questions about future living situation, free time, and job security. congrats on the new job and good luck!
  3. DK lawn care

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    If ur equipment is paid off, i would sell ur accounts, move to the area ur moving then get to know the area and slow spread ur name, just like u did in the beginning. If ur equip is paid off, it cant hurt to keep it cause ur not paying anything. The only thing that hurts when u keep it is because it takes space up. U also say that this new job will earn u alot more income. Thats good because u still have enough to keep u afloat while ur lawn business is getting its name out in ur new area. Good luck with the new job and the move.
  4. Joel B.

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    Pass out flyers in nice neighborhoods, do honest, quality work and your name will get around,
  5. davis45

    davis45 LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks guys, i only owe a very very small amount on all my equipment.
  6. DK lawn care

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    What are u gonna do?
  7. davis45

    davis45 LawnSite Senior Member
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    IF i go, i guess ill just pay off my equpment before i leave and take it all with me. Guess i'll just start all over again!

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