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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Keith Howells, Oct 20, 2003.

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    In the next 3-6 years, God willing, I'll have a number of options open to me so that I won't need to work full time anymore. We want to pull up stakes and move back to the West coast - the Portland, OR area. That's home for us although we haven't lived there for many years.

    I suppose I could go to work at the local Home Depot but that really doesn't interest me. I would really like to crank up the business again out there.

    Have any of you guys ever pulled up stakes and moved lock, stock and barrel? If so, would you mind sharing some of the lessons you learned the time it took to get going again, what you did to spool the business back up. If I'm going to do this, I want to have some kind of plan in mind. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Hi Keith,

    In the Spring of 2000 I sold my business in Vegas and moved to Brookings, OR and started a landscape business... With your experience you should have little trouble getting started anywhere you choose, but you could also purchase an existing business to make sure you hit the ground running....

    I happen to know of a good business in Portland that the owner is looking to relocate down here in Brookings that might be available... also know of a good one here in Brookings that would be interested now... and the only other good one in Brookings that will be selling in another year or two....

    Either way, you should simply make it happen... Don't wait too long, or for the "perfect" time... Life gets shorter every day, and the perfect time simply never comes.... If moving is a dream, simply strap on those Nikes and "Just Do It!"... :)

    Good Luck, Clay

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