"Mow 3 times per month"...........

Joel B.

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I have a customer that only wants me to mow 3 times per month. All my other customers are on a weekly mowing schedule (4 times/month). I gave him an estimate of $35/cut based on mowing every week and I know I should charge more for only mowing 3 times/month but I'm not sure how much.

I really don't want to make a special trip just to mow his yard, plus the grass is going to be longer and take me more time to complete.

Here's the kicker: He lives 3 houses down from me.

Do I just ride my mower down the street and mow him for $35?

Do I charge $45/cut and mow him 3 times/month?

Or.............just tell him 4 times/month, take it or leave it?

Thank you for all opinions,

Joel B.


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Southern Indiana
It depends on a few things. How fast it grows, how thick it is, why he wants 3 instead of 4 (save $, dont care what it looks like) and how much you want the business. I remind customers like that that mower manufacurers design the machines to cut only 1/3 of the height of the blades of grass for optimum performance. If its 6", they are designed to cut to 4" without overloading the deck beyond its capacity to rid clippings. You can get that info in most owners manuals.
Also I dont like the idea of a customer telling how to do my business (especially if its to save him $ at my expence)


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Tell him $140 a month ($35 x 4), and that in the spring and fall you may mow four times a month, but in the heat of the summer it may only be twice. Also, let him know that you will keep track of the total number of mowings for the year, and if near the end of the season he has paid ahead, he may not have a bill due for the last month, or that it may be less. I do that with all of my customers. I figure 30 mows a year for the once a weekers and divide by 8 months to get the monthly payment. It has worked well for me.