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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by seabee24, Sep 21, 2010.

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    i have a route that is 50% commercial, 50% res.

    the commercial are full maintenance, the res are mow and go

    for awhile what i was doing was, mow and go on all of the properties...we did pull and spray weeds at the commercials, pick up trash, but i would send a seperate crew there once per month to trim, culivate, edge , fert and do what ever else needed to be done. I always thought of this as a good way becasue it kept the mowing route shorter, and it kept the mowers doing just that...meaning they arent sitting still making money

    i know a large company in the area, they do only commercial, but they have 4-5 guys on the crew. they mow, but then it seems that each week they do something week they might trim all the boxwoods, another all the dog woods, then they might edge, then culivate....and the pattern repeats and goes on and on. the effect that this creates is that there is always something being done, and nothing ever gets really bad... they just do what ever needs to be done the worst, and i have to say there properties look nice.

    the down side, mowing crew have to have a dump truck, mowers sit still while exra work is being done, crew cab trucks, bigger trailers, and from the customers perspective altho nothing ever gets "out of hand" , also nothing ever gets fully acomplished either.

    something else to consider, to me the less guys traveling, the less non billable time there is


    A. 10 stops - 5 mins between stops = 50 mins x 2 guys =100 mins x 2 crews = 200 mins

    B. 20 stops - 5 mins = 100 mins x 4 guys(one large crew) = 400 mins - twice as much labor riding around in the truck for non billable time

    in that theory for snow removal i try to just put the exact equiptment on a site so it can sit there all day and never has to travel...

    upside to big crews - if someone calls in, not a big deal. if it rains , we just skip the extras that day, and everyone mows. since only 50% of the day might be mowing and the other 50% might be extras... you could cut out the extras and have short days if rain was an issue..

    your thoughts?
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    I run things much like your first scenario. When I'm there to mow, I mow and usually mow only. Make a note of things needing to be done and schedule accordingly. When we come back on the off day it is to take care of the trimming, weeding, etc. I would rather a truck that was sent out for mowing be utilized for mowing, not sitting in the driveway half the day waiting to take the mowers to the next stop, and sit some more. I can send out a guy in a pickup for most of the trimming/weeding without a trailer and $25k worth of gear behind it. The benefits obviously are the travel time between jobs or should I say back to the job, is cut down. Also, you don't have a constantly building list of work piling up for maintenance on the accounts. My stress level rises as days go by and I know more and more work is needing to be done at each account. I almost dread it in a way thinking each week that I didn't get to the trimming that the customer is going to come out asking why we didn't get her hedges yet when they may actually be schedule for a few days from now. If we were there doing full service every week most if not all questions would never arise.

    Not much of an answer I know. Just food for thought I guess.
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    It's really a tuff choice. I'm just not sure which.
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