Mow and go - what's a fair price in a relatively poor area?


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Central NC
I'd don't know about up there but around here there are help wanted signs everywhere. Personally if you're not wanting to get into it long term I'd take a job somewhere else. Fast food has pretty flexible hours, retail, lowes home depot etc. You'll find quick residential equipment will hold you back from making any profit in this industry. It won't last and personally if I wasn't wanting to be in the industry I wouldn't want to buy a commercial $... especially in the current market. Also just something to think about with my job suggestion: a BUNCH of people in this industry (probably some on this site) are mowing grass for themselves NOT to make a profit... they might think they are but in reality it's more of a justification for a $55k pickup and $10k lawnmower. You very well could be making >$10hr after all is said and done.

best of luck.


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25 to mow trim and blow a yard around 7500 sq ft is the low price in my area.
Thats real low for me.
My minimum is $45. This lawn takes 9 minutes.


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If you aren’t afraid of working hard you can atleast keep more of the $ you make. In a low income area seems like the only way to make it work would be to run lean and mean . Buying a brand new truck is wasteful. These days You can Get newish / used w a full bumper to bumper warranty and it doesn’t add that much to the payment. $4-5k Walk behind mowers w a velke will work just as well as a $12k ztr . Drive a half ton truck to save on gas. Get materials delivered so you don’t need a dump trailer.. Tarp your leaves instead of dumping $5k on a leaf vac. Etc etc. Work smarter not harder only works when there is enough $ in your industry of choice to support that mantra. Sometimes working harder IS working smarter.

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