Mow Barrow for wal behind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by silvermaxd, May 13, 2010.

  1. silvermaxd

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  2. 2brothersyardcare

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    wow red necks
  3. mowisme

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    I think it is good effort..but just couple points of interest (a) loaded wheel barrow of rock or dirt is going to add lot of weight to castors and in time cause the mounting points of the castor arms (support arms) to possiblly start to crack ar the deck. Wet leaves maybe?..dry leaves not much problem unless go to a hulk size barrow. (b) more slip on belt drive taking off..Not sure on hydro thou whether be harder on the hydro units? I think it would. If neither above is true..which I think they are thou..Then I'd make a 'rear' accessable lever to trip the wheel barrow from the driver position. But..their barrow design- like it or leave it. Me..I'll leave it until it proves it's self. Geno
  4. mowerbrad

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    Its a pretty simple idea and I'm sure has its place.

    Usually when I am using a wheel barrow I go over an area many times, so putting a wheel barrow onto a 600lb walkbehind only adds to the wieght that will be going over the lawn that I'm working at. So once I mount/fill the mow barrow on the 600lb mower I'm looking at an 800lb +/- piece of equipment. With a standard wheel barrow, completely filled I might be looking at 200lbs. So I'd think that by using this you would most likely start creating ruts in the lawns and possibly doing more damage than good in some instances.

    I like the idea of the JRCO transport tub better because it can be used as a wheel barrow or a flat-bed transporter.

    Not saying that this doesn't have a good use, but to me, I just can't see me buying it.
  5. FastMan

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    Gracious. Think of the extra wear and tear that's placing on the deck and casters of your valuable mower if you load it with stuff heavier than leaves. I'll pass.
  6. br549oicu8

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    Look up Power Barrow.
  7. gene gls

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    That may be a new idea to them guys, but for us "old" timmers we have seen many that are simular. My old Ransom w/b hauled 1000's of pounds over the years and saved me many of back aches from pushing a wheel barrow.
  8. topsites

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    Well I tell you I went by Southern States this past week to get a new spreader,
    and what did I noticed they had sitting outside...

    10 cu foot Wheel barrows!

    Omg the bucket on that thing :laugh:

    Here's one on the Web:
    Brentwood Industries ACWB11665 10 Cu. Ft. GroundsKeeper Wheelbarrow

  9. M.A.Landscaping

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    JRCO has something like that for the front of a WB
  10. Raymond S.

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    I have one of those for mulch. I paid $89 at Rural King. I love the thing. Well, I've never personally used it but I've spread a lot of mulch that my helpers tote across the yard for me with it :)

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