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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by blowngolawncare, Jul 5, 2010.

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  1. Mowingman

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    Well, you know, my first thought when I saw this equipment, and read this post was: "what a joke, is this guy serious about doing commercial mowing with this junk".
    Then, I thought back to my own startup in the mowing business. Not counting my younger days of mowing as a kid, I really got started in about 1984. I started out with a ratty looking 12 year old Ford pickup, a Sears 21" mower, a 1954 Huffy 18" mower, and Sears weedeater and hand blower. I ended up with the second largest mowing operation in our town of 100,000+ people, had several crews mowing, and made a good living for my family from the mowing operations.
    So, I am not going to laugh or make fun of him. I say, go for it and good luck. We all have to start somewhere.
  2. blowngolawncare

    blowngolawncare LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the kind and encouraging words! I'll keep you all posted.
  3. blowngolawncare

    blowngolawncare LawnSite Member
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    Thanks man! Yes, im serious about my business and honestly dont care what others think. ill always take kind words and good advice tho.
  4. Turf Commando

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    Thats all you got, ''THATS ALL YOU GOT''....
    I won't discredit you if your serious, keep your head up and make a go ...
  5. blowngolawncare

    blowngolawncare LawnSite Member
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    i dont know why you think this is a joke. i am a serious business man.

    86' Dodge Ram van
    Weed eater 22" push mower
    Homelite 17" string trimmer
    Echo hedge trimmer
    A number of other various tools



  6. TurboPirate

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    This business is like real state, it is all about location, location, your equipment is good enough for a start, when I was a Kid I started cutting grass with a Murray 20" 3.5HP, Homelite Bandit SX125 gas trimmer, and I went to my clients houses walking with the mower, then I went to college and didn't cut anymore grass, now that I am in disability I want to start again and I just bought a few new equipment, nothing fancy, I was saying earlier this business is about location, guess what? here in PR clients don't pay for the stripes, nor the bed edges, they just want the lawn cut nicely and everything clean after you finish, most of the houses here in PR have a very small patios, I'll post some photos later so you get the idea of what am talking about, when I get to clients house the less they look at is the equipment, they don't care if you have an 80$ gas trimmer or a 400$ gs trimmer, nor they look at your weed eater push mower, they look at the results, if it's done correctly and clean.
    You know something? none of my clients have a patio that I will need a mini tractor, stand, walk behind mowers, the are is so small a 20" push mower is just big enough, so don't get this comments the bad way, there is a tool for each job and right now your van and the push mower is good enough.
    When your business grows then Upgrade your gear to the demand of this jobs.
    I'll post some photos here tomorrow so you guys have an idea of the accounts I am talking about.
    I'll never know how to operate a tractor because I don't have the need of one.
    Amen to that
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  7. Darryl G

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  8. Tom'sLandscapeDesign

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    Cant tell if serious.
  9. M.A.Landscaping

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  10. blowngolawncare

    blowngolawncare LawnSite Member
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    here is my newest addition to the lineup. I'm not sure if its going to be the main mower or a backup quite yet. Gotta love the big wheels, sweet!

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