Mow first, Trim last Convert.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jnjnlc, May 18, 2001.

  1. jnjnlc

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    A couple of weeks ago there was a post about whether to mow first or trim first. I did not reply but I read every post. I use to trim first and then mow. I thought after reading all of the post I would try it the other way around. I have noticed several time and money saving advantages to doing this.

    1. I use less fuel now on my trimmer. Before it seemed like I was filling it up every other yard. Now I go three or four yards before I fill up.

    2. I use less string now than before as well.

    I save money and time. I guess you guys converted me.
  2. HOMER

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    It depends on the yard and the amount of debris I'm gonna kick up. Sometimes it is faster and sometimes it ain't if you have a mess to clean up.
  3. 65hoss

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    Well said!
  4. joshua

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    like i said in the post a few weeks ago about this, you have to judge the yard on its height, if it grew alittle longer from the last cutting and you feel that their might be clippings on the lawn that don't look good, trim 1st. if not then mow 1st. but even if you do trim 1st no matter what after a few cuttings you should know everything about your lawns(trimming and where, what spots are thicker, where bumps are, ect...)
  5. Scag48

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    I always trim first. It always kicks up grass and no matter how long the grass is, there's always some on top after I trim. I like to get trimming done first anyway, I don't know why, I guess I like the mowing part of the job better. ;) Best for last, right? Later guys.
  6. Not a hard and fast rule in my opinion. Ever had the situation where you saw some clouds on the horizon and said if I trim first I will be mowing in the rain? So in such cases do what is most expedient. I had to apply the ol mow first trim last method as the rain just came from nowhere in one of my mountain jobs this morning where noramlly I would wack first for best look. I just missed a massive shower that has not really let up since the morning!

    Need Rain?

    just my 2 cents

  7. ronslawncare

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    definately for me trim first less blowing use to do it the other i guess im the black sheap here but if i miss a spot just hit it at the end no biggie
  8. TLS

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    I always trim first, unless, like Paradise says, it looks like rain. :( The main reason I prefer this, is that when you edge beds, driveways, and curbs and walks, the wacker tends to stand up the grass sometimes higher than you cut which would necessatate a re-cut around those areas. Not to mention all the dirt and debris that may be thrown on the nicely cut lawn. Sometimes I even blow before I trim and mow. Why? Well sometimes in the spring and fall, there are clumps of "other peoples" grass and leaves in the street or wherever that if you leave till the end, will just sit atop the nicely mowed lawn.

    But, like I said, grass standing up around beds and walks after trimming is the major reason I trim first.
  9. eslawns

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    If the grass that needs to be trimmed is very high, I go around all that needs trimming with the mower so I know where I can't get with the mower. Then trim and run over the stuff laying on the lawn with the mower.

    Otherwise, mowing is done first.
  10. rdh

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    i mow first then trim this helps me keep grass the same hieght as the mower.i will hit the clippings with a back pack blower if there is a mess thats only on new jobs,or go over the peremater with the mower (a long fences).

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