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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by j&tlawnservice, Oct 27, 2005.

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    This is our first week down here that it got cold (a low of 49 degrees brrrrrrr), and the grass has not really grown all that much. My problem is I'm suppose to service my yards tomorrow and I don't know if I should actually mow or not. I drove by 2 of my yards today and I saw only about 2 or 3 tassels on the grass. I have been mowing every single week and I need to transition into a by-weekly or as needed schedule now I think because of the weather change. It's hard to see the line to cut when it's not high, and I don't want to hurt the grass by cutting when it doesn't need it. Should I just go and edge, line trim, and blow? OR should I skip a week and go Bi-weekly or as needed now? I will be using the 42-44 cuts per year method of service. We bill every 4 weeks which works out to 13 billings for the year. My concern is that if I don't cut that by Sunday it will look like a jungle and I might get a customer complaint for not coming.

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    hey whats up I'm tampa too.I would go by do little weedeating maybe blow the gutters to show work especial if new accounts and it's going to warm up next weekand alway cut high,taller grass stalks means deeper roots ,but if no sprinklers cut med low and with Wilma just left it's probally good to mow to mulch the leaves mowing , better then raking
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    :pumpkin: I ended up edging the walks, lite line trimming, and blew off everything. I just hand pulled the tassels if I saw any. It's a good thing you suggested to go out because of Hurricane Wilma. I had several tree branches down and leaves on the walks. I didn't have to pull the chopper off the trailer though, so I still got home early. Thanks for the advice

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