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Northwest Ohio
Anyone ever use one of these pull behind units? I think that is the correct name. It's sort of like a cart with a box on it, and has a 3HP engine to help suck things up. I'm thinking of trying one for fall clean-up. I have a Walker MT-54 w/ side discharge. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Steve

Prime Seasons

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Whitehall, MI
Walker 54" deck? If you really plan to use a pull behind unit for that machine, better upgrade to a bigger vac...

You will probably need a minimum of 6.5 hp or even 8 hp motor to keep up with the amount of stuff emitting from your deck. Also look at the pickup hose diameter. Chances are that anything less than 7" will clog very easily and the cfm limitations will disappoint you. I know via the hard way-- from experience. E mail me if you want more info.


John DiMartino

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I have a 2000 Dixie chopper and a trac-vac unit.they do work well together,I only wish tht the vacuum had 2 storage bins instead of 1 since the DC can fill one real quick.I can clean a lawn up in no time with this combo,it takes more time to dump than fill it sometimes.I only use the vac in fall and spring,the rest of year just discharge.


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Columbus Ga
hey mow man does you walker have ghs?....if so why not get a ghs deck and suck those suckers right on up...?