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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by prizeprop, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. prizeprop

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    first question ,which mower should I buy? second question,Has anyone ever used one of these?I was thinking of getting one to use on my truck so I could do some lawns while my crew is out with the trailer.It would be good to transport mowers to the shop also.I figured I could do some of the lawns a little out of the way. I have another trailer but hate pulling it and this would be more convienant.Any input or experience would be appreciated.
  2. ealbertson

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    I would be very careful loading a mower with a ramp like that unless it is secured to the tailgate in such a way that it cannot slip off. If it were to slip off you may end up with a mower on top of you.
  3. McVey Landscaping

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    Gotta good point about the mower being on top of you. You should be able to fasten this to the bumper with an extra strap or two to reduce ramps slipping out from under neath you. Look into buying a small 6x8 or 6x10 trailer for about the same price.
  4. packey

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    in another post that is very similar we have already been discussing the same thing. Their was a site listed called they make what has to be one of the best ramps for a truck I have seen. it is a full tailgate to replace oem tailgate and folds out to a 7 foot ramp gate to drive up.
  5. 8307c4

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    I'm not saying folks don't do it, I'm not even saying I've never done it, but I'm a little bit older now and I believe that method is very dangerous.

    The biggest problem with ramps is the angle is so dang steep, because the tailgate sits higher up than the trailer bottom does.
    That's assuming the ramp is properly made and doesn't fall off suddenly, of course.
    Even then it's easy to get slippage, sudden wheelies, mowers turning sideways or wheels coming off the ramp, all sorts of good stuff can happen.
    And once something goes wrong, it's hard to get out of the way it happens so fast.

    So I don't recommend ever loading any heavy machinery this way, at least not from ground level.
    Maybe from a loading dock or some kind of a raised platform it's better.
  6. leafitalawn

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    We've had the safe-t-ramps on our trucks for the past 2 years and they work great. Currently they load/unload 32" wright standers, and a 32" quickie all with no problem. They work good on Ford Rangers, and F150's.
  7. prizeprop

    prizeprop LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yea Packey, thats actually the one I'm going with
    That was my thread,and was moved to the truck section,so I figured I would ask which mower to buy first and it might stay here.Seems safe enough,I have two 16 foot trailers,just want to make it easier to service the smaller lawns and lawns on the outskirts of our route while the crew does the rest.I lost one of my two drivers and with the economy the way it looks, I plan on going into the field a bit. Dont want to pull a trailer incase I have to run and do estimates, sales etc. I figure I can cut costs a bit by helping do some work instead of sitting in my truck under a tree all day catching a nap.

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