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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by saw n mow, Feb 22, 2011.

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    I have a Bad Boy MZ48 (26hp, 48” deck) with 16-1/2” Fusion blades. I got the mower October 9 of last year, and I only mowed 3 times (1 time each in the 3 yards I do) as a last mow for the season where the grass was very low. So I don’t know how it mows in the longer spring/summer grass. I do want to get a second set of blades, and after doing some research, I was set on getting these: But I see that these: are the same price. I measured my Fusions, and they are between .207” to .212” thick (across the 3 blades) and 2-1/2” wide. Both of the new blades I’m looking at are 3” wide. The Gators are thicker than the regular high lifts I was set on getting (.250” vs .203”). I think my engine should be able to turn the thicker and wider blades fine regarding the blade weight…if I choose to go that way. The grass that gives me the most grief when mowing is the Bahia grass that grows in parts of my yard.


    I’ve read and been told that the regular high lifts will do fine. I’m just curious about how the Gators would do. I’m interested in the Gators for there ability to throw smaller grass and leaf (fall) clippings. I don’t have a mulch plug or kit, but I might get the ACS (Advanced Chute System) later. Another thing to consider is that I mow a church yard across the highway from me, and they only want it done twice a month. The grass can get fairly long between each mow. I would like opinions/comments between these 2 blades for the same price.


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    You're on the right track. I cut mostly Bahia. I own a Bad Boy Pup. I tried Gators Magnums several years ago on my 46 inch lawn tractor. At first I was happy. But the more I looked at the mow, it was uneven. Especially on turns. Drove me nuts. I have found high lifts do the best. The stock Fusions are not bad. You couldn't give me a Gator blade for Bahia.

    The 16-1/2" High Lift Fusion Mower Blade for Ferris/Scag 32" & 48" Mowers gets my vote.

    If you go the other way, you'll remember this post! :drinkup:
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    MS, thanks for that. I'd hate to spend the money on the Gators and have to buy again to get the High lifts. It's been my gut feeling to go with the High lifts anyway.

    I still have the old Bolens lawn tractor and could keep it (was thinking of selling it) for the little bit of leaf mulching that I do each year. I made a plate to cover the discharge chute on it and with worn regular mulch blades it did ok. I'll maybe try some cheaper non-Fusion Gators for it. Or I could try and sell the Bolens and use the money to get the ACS for my MZ and get a cheaper set of Gators for leaf mulching only.

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    I only use gators when I am doing Spring/Fall clean ups for shredding leaves. Some people mow with them all season and like them,I prefer high lifts.If you want to increase the power of the mower go to a lower lift blade(good for real high grass) but you don't get the same distribution. The thickness isn't so much of a issue. The blades on my Toro ZTR are .250 thick. It is the length you have to get right. My 52" ZTR uses a 17 7/8" blade.Be sure to measure your center hole.Different manufactures have different size bolt holes.
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    I had found online that for the 48" deck there was 16-1/4" and 16-1/2" lengths shown. I measured my current blades and they are 16-1/2" long. 5/8" is the bolt hole size that I need.


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