Mower blade spindle hole reducer from 15/16” down to 5/8”...or drill out to 1” ......

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Exact Rototilling

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    I have found a Hi lift blade that I believe will be outstanding in wet grass for my yBravo 25 [even better than stock] but the spindle hole is 15/16” not 5/8”.

    Oregon ® makes a knurled reducer that goes 1” down the 5/8” but not 15/16” down the 5/8”. Any other manufacturers make anything like this?

    Tips on how to drill out to 1"...? I do have access to a drill press FWIW. Best type of bit for this? Stepped hole saw?

    I also figure if I'm doing this I can drill out semi worn down edger blades off my Tanaka TLE-600 with the small hole and drill those out to 1" and use the remainder on my Echo stick edger.

    Any input appreciated. :waving:
  2. lawns Etc

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    Blades are super hardened steel I would use a oil bath while drilling to keep from getting too hot and ruining the temper in the blade. A step bit will be good at keeping the hole centered so that the blade would be balanced.
    Try taking it to a machine shop might charge 5 bucks to punch it out??
  3. Exact Rototilling

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    I will try the step bit on a drill press. The bits are super expensive so it has been suggested to pick it up at harbour freight.

    I'll update on how the bit holds up. Will be really handy for.the edger blades as well. Just stock.the longer one for the WB wear it down part way and drill out for the stick edger. If step bit are easily destroyed nothing is gained.
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  4. HenryB

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    Just weld a heavy 5/8 washer over the hole.On either side top or bottom. just account the blade will cut slightly higher or lower due to washer I've done it many times. Just make sure you center the washer.
  5. Johnagain

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    A stepped bit won't cut it. You need a carbide bit to go through the blades. Get a 1 in carbide masonry bit. I use one to drill new holes for my Honda walk push so I can use gator blades. Set the speed on the drill press to the slowest speed possible.
  6. tyler_mott85

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    When I decided to run doubles on my BOP 36" I had to come up with a spacer for the lower blade because of the flange on the spindles. I found some bronze sleeve bearings at the local hardware store and cut them down to match the thickness of the blades.

    I know there are online places you can order any size bronze bushing you need. Just need the ID to be a bit bigger than the diameter of the bolt and the OD to be slightly smaller than the diameter of the blade's center hole to make sure everything comes apart when needed.

    Don't worry about the bronze being soft because right at the spindle / fulcrum there is very little outward force and the washer on lower side of the blade is what holds the blade in place anyway.

    Good luck!
  7. Richard Martin

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