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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by aardvark1, Jan 23, 2005.

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    I've seen a lot of threads where you guys are talking about Walker, Scags, eXmark, John Deere and other mowers, but I haven't seen much talk about grasshopper mowers. I and a partner are about to start up a lawn care business and all we have around here for dealers sell grasshopper mowers. They seem to be ok, but we thought we might want to differentiate ourselves from the other businesses around here that seem to all be running grasshopper mowers. I would imagine it is because the only commercial mowers sold and serviced in this area seem to be grasshopper. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
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    Most guys here, Me included, speak of what they know. The brands mentioned here are readily available in most places and familiar to most LCO's. It is important to you to buy a machine that you can get serviced easily and buy parts for easily. To the best of my knowledge, grass hopper is a decent machine. I know they have been around a long time and have sold many units. If you take care of it I'm sure it last a long time. Most of the discussion here is about what each operator likes best. It boils down to familiarity in most cases. Most commercial grade equipment is pretty well made.

    I would use the dealer Icons at the top of this page to find a dealer near you. I am sure there is one unless your on the moon. It is smart though to buy from a dealer close to you.

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    Don't Pay any attention to Anyone Who Rants and Raves about their Mower unless they Can Compare it to Another Mower they Own or Owned...

    I Know guys who own the Crappiest Mowers Made but because they've Never Used the Good Stuff they Think its Just Perfect.
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  5. turftammer

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    I run exmark but workrd for a contractor years ago that ran grasshopper and I think they are great mowers which he is still running today. but I think the grasshoppers are better now than then. I use exmark but that is my preference bacause that is what I'm comfortable with and have confidence in. so it's all a matter of preference when it comes to the mowers you want to run. even though you want to set yourself apart from your competition keep in mind if grasshopper is the dealer that is closest take that into consideration for repairs and downtime traveling to a dealer farther away.
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    all brands have thier pro's and cons
  7. Precision

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    differentiate yourself with service, promptness, attentiveness, quality of your work. In my experience customers could really care if you have a silver mower, a green mower or a red mower. I say that because very few of them notice that it is a Dixie chopper, a John Deere, or a Gravely/Toro/Exmark.

    If you have a grasshopper dealer and he is a professional with good service policies and knows what he is doing and will help you to make your business a success why reinvent the wheel. If he is not any of those things, then be careful and look elsewhere.

    Once you buy a mower, especially a pricey one you are kinda stuck with that dealer, at least until the warranty expires.

    My suggestion is buy used when you start up. Or better yet work for someone else for a month or three and get used to his equipment and see what is good or bad. I did and it saved me from many rookie mistakes.
  8. PLM-1

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    I know what you mean about everyone in this area having GH's...Maybe that's why I have one... :rolleyes:

    But I sure love it...wouldn't trade it for anything!
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    Well there is a Grasshopper Dealer 5 miles from my house,A Ex-mak dealer 26 miles from my house,A Toro dealer 9 miles from my house and a Hustler dealer 12 miles from my house,and to my opinion they are all good mowers......I went with the Super Z,,because they gave me the best deal,and I made the choice because of personal prefrance :waving:
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    You come close to asking a very touchy question for some. It's the Ford v. GM v. Dodge arguement.

    There are several quality brands of commercial mowers out there often using many of the same components as others. IMO the BIGGEST reason to buy one QUALITY mower over another is dealer support and customer service. I don't care which brand it is, the dealer is the key.


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