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Mower changes from last year?


LawnSite Member
I am wondering if there were any changes made on the 2007 Suoer Z's from the 2006 model. I need to make a desicion on whether to buy a 25 horse 60 inch 2006 model or a 2007 model. The 2007 has 6 hours on it and the 2006 has 50 hours on it. They both were demo models. The 2007 is $7900 and the 2006 is $7200. Have all the issues been worked out of the Xr7 decks on both of these machines?


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
The XR-7 deck in your region has been updated to include some baffling from the factory to improve the cut quality.
The 2006 deck can be updated at no cost to you also, so if you want to take advantage of the less expensive unit you can.
Other than that change I am not aware of any others.