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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WEEDEATER, Aug 26, 2002.


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    Through everyones experiences, what would you buy. Toro Z Master, Huslter Z, or Simplicity Derby. Keeping in mind Quality, Reliablity, Price.
  2. rvsuper

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    Out of those three choices, the Hustler Z. I had a used one a few years back from the dealer and they had awesome service. This one isn't on the list of yours, but then I would go with a Lazer.
  3. MOW ED

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    Where are you in Wisconsin?
    Quality and reliability are the main issues.
    Price is a consideration but don't let it drive your decision. If a mower performs well for you and fills many needs then price cannot be considered.

    As far as the quality and reliability issues go, you will get lots of opinions. Most commercial stuff is built well. I said most. It is a question of what is important to you. Deck thickness, engine performance, comfort, ease of maintenance, cost of parts, resale value, add-on ability, hill climbing ability, top speed of cutting... There are lots of questions and I would bet everyone has an opinion on what mower is better. It comes down to what you are gonna do with the mower.

    I think if you look around you will find certain mowers have high and low points. There is no one machine that does it all and does it all well because there are many different cutting situations.

    My eternal recommendation is the same philosophy that is used in buying a car. Test them out for yourself. If you are gonna pop out 10K for a mower, you should know if it works for you. Go to the dealers and talk to them. Any dealer worth talking with will arrange a demo on your lawns, not his parking lot (you don't cut asphalt) Good luck.

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    Mow ED thanks for your input. I'm in Waukesha. I'll have to schuedule so demos.
  5. Hoosier Mower

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    None of the above. Find a Dixie Chopper dealer near you.
  6. rodfather

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    You might want to look into the Ferris IS (independent suspension) ZTRs. They are very confortable and Ferris makes a very reliable machine.
  7. Cut 2 Please

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    I have to agree with Rodfather. I have a Ferris IS 3000 and it is awesome. They are changing up the 3000 a good bit for next year so you might be able to buy a 2002 model at a good price. The rear suspension is great and the pivoting front end is wonderful when you have to mow down in to a ditch. The tires stay in contact with the ground and there is no loosing control when going in. It also saves on your back on bumpy lawns. The deck is also great. The front of the deck is cut up higher than the sides and the back. That keeps it from pushing long spindly blades of grass and weeds over below the blade. Down here we have alot of Bahia grass and the Ferris seems to go through it better than any of the other mowers I have tried. It is rare that it leaves anything uncut behind it.
  8. SLS

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    Exmark Lazer Z....there is no substitute! :D

  9. DLS1

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    I am demoing ztr's now. Here is my advice for what its worth. Use the search on this site to search for 'ztr' or the brands you will be demoing. Will get lots of comments using the search button. It doesn't mean when you do a search that who ever has the most votes then buy it. Demo a few ztr's but keep in the back of your mind the comments on this site and see how it stacks up with your experience. Then once you decide on top 1 or 2 you like then demo it one more time if you still have a few doubts about which one to buy.

    For instance I have heard bad and good comments about the Ferris ztr but can't remember which Ferris model and year but have not demoed one yet. From my experince so far demoing I wouldn't get one with small wheels in the back end. The small wheels (demoed Encore Z52 with small wheels but the Encore Prowler has large wheels which I have not demoed yet) made the ride alot more bouncy than the larger wheels on another ztr I demoed (Exmark Lazer HP). Both cut the same (real good) but you would think that Exmark is the greatest cutting machine since sliced bread by reading alot of posts on this site. I probably will go with Exmark with my limited experience so far.

    Take your time.
  10. SLS

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    ".....but you would think that Exmark is the greatest cutting machine since sliced bread by reading alot of posts on this site."

    That pretty much sums it up! :D

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